5 Tips to Get an Amazing Real Estate Website

5 Tips to Get an Amazing Real Estate Website

Feb 28, 2020, 4:30:25 AM Business

Any successful realtor can attest that a powerful online presence is an essential aspect in the current real estate marketing arsenal. Usually, it is straightforward to attract real estate buyers when you possess a strong online landing page that attracts both sellers and buyers. However, some real estate experts still concentrate on one-one business with clients instead of developing their online portfolio. What happens is that they never benefit from the digital market. 

Actually, relying on one-one client base is not the only thing in the current market. A great website is vital for building a global presence. When individuals research “real estate in your area” they will not recognize you if you don’t possess a greatly designed site to correspond to the question. If you don’t have a nice website as a property agent, you will need to invest in one. If you have it already that lacks engagement, then you will need to improve it. Here are some tips for real estate website design

Responsive design

Definitely, mobile internet usage exceeds that of a desktop computer. Just ensure that your site is friendly to use on tablets and smartphones. For this to happen, your site should include responsive design features that ensure easier accessibility on any platform, browser, or device. 

Usually, tablets and smartphones use touch inputs, have small size screens, and utilize a varying connection speed. Therefore, ensure that your real estate website is comfortable to view on any device. 

Photography optimization

Study shows that the brain can process images 60,000 times faster compared to text. The value of images can arguably be said to be 60,000 times more compared to the text on the site. With that in mind, it is critical to work your magic on the images of real estate you’re selling. This will entice potential customers to stop, check, and will consider contacting you for business. There is no doubt that you will miss a lot if you don’t consider investing in great images. 

Improve the speed

According to Google research report, reducing the search results page approximately by 100-400 milliseconds possesses a significant impact of -0.2% to -0.6% on the amount of searches per user. This means 0.2%-0.6% less searches in half a second. In addition, the longer the users are exposed, the fewer the searchers they do. Basically, you might get visitors on your site, but if it is somewhat slow, then they will not last for long. Ensure that your website’s speed is improved using the backup and plugins technology to store and cache files that reduces its speed. The appropriate loading speed should be at least three seconds. 

Search tools

Definitely, potential real estate buyers will visit your website and will search for real estate opportunities. This makes search tools rank high on the exemption features. Some real estate potential customers are savvy and experienced than others. Others have no idea on how to get started. Therefore, a search tool in your real estate site will enable you to attract different users, increase leads and potential customers. 

Lead capture

The success of a real estate website doesn’t solely depend on views and clicks. Instead, an efficient tool to attract leads is the best. Don’t allow potential customers to trail off your site when they haven’t made a connection. Ask them to offer their details using a call-to-action feature. 

Final thought 

Undoubtedly, implementing the above tips on your real estate website will help you have an amazingly designed website. If you can’t create an awesome website on your own, you can consider hiring a web designer.


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Feb 28, 2020, 4:36:54 AM

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