Five Benefits of Becoming IT Certified

Five Benefits of Becoming IT Certified

Apr 5, 2020, 3:46:56 AM Tech and Science

An IT certification from a reputable organization is time-consuming and a considerable investment. Yet, it opens up unlimited opportunities to grow your career. Picture this. 91% of employers say that an IT certification predicts if you will be successful in your new position. Plus, 67% of employers see them as a show of your commitment to work hard towards your goals. Then, should you become IT certified? Most definitely! Check out more benefits below: -

You Stand Out in Your Job Search

IT jobs are very competitive. Hence, the job seeker with the latest and most applicable certifications stands out to potential employers. Even so, for non-IT professionals. Becoming IT certified and able to apply your skills to your new position gives you a competitive edge. Therefore, research on the best IT certifications from top universities such as the University of Westminster that will make your job search easy. Then, find ways to solve your work challenges using your new skillset.  

Future Proofs Your Career

As the market needs shift, employers want employees with more than the usual skillset. For, the 21st-century employee must be IT certified to keep his job. Plus, if you are an entrepreneur, your in-demand IT skillset equips you with the vital tools for business. You know, IT security, the cloud, risk and compliance, and managing data centers.

It Gives Your Hassle Credibility

Are you starting with a new business? Or, are you changing careers? As you take up the new challenge, a mention of your tech skills will make you a credible person in the business circles. That is, who can doubt an MCSE or a CCIE holder when you have papers to prove it? It shows your commitment to delivering what you promise to do.

Creates Networking Opportunities

IT certified professionals work in all types of industries. Hence, a meet-up of such intellects is an excellent networking opportunity. Credible bodies organize these forums. Thus, you get to cross-sell your services to other sectors of the economy. Also, you can refer to such peer support groups for advice when you are handling a complicated task. For chances are, some of your group members have handled such projects before. Then, use your recognition to access world-class networking sessions, advice, and information.

Facilitates Renewal and Retention of Your Certifications

If you work as an IT professional, you have to renew your certifications regularly. Yet, did you know that if you have a certification like Cisco from top colleges, you can take another higher level exam instead? Yes, most of these colleges offer two certifications at the price of one. They give automatic renewal based on your current level qualifications. What a great way to keep abreast of new developments in your field of work.


Do you have a personal goal to increase your certifications? Then, think of getting IT certified. This skill gives you a competitive advantage in your job searches. Plus, by becoming more efficient in your current job, you stand a chance of getting a higher pay through promotions. Then, entrepreneurs who are starting in their businesses will leverage the certification to gain credibility in their work circles. Indeed, an IT certification is a strategic move for anyone who wants to be ready for job opportunities in the 21st century.


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