Five Makeup Must-Haves for Beginners

Many will have experienced a pang of envy after scrolling through Instagram and watching an influencer’s flawless makeup tutorial. How do they manage to look so perfect, and make it look so easy at the same time? Along with envy comes intimidation. It can feel impossible to mimic the layering of products and master all the beauty tools to achieve the final look. 

With so many products, shades, styles, and different brands, buying makeup for the first time can be overwhelming. 

The most important thing is to start with the basics and fill your makeup bag with the essentials, then you can expand your routine as you learn what suits you and your skin best.

Here are Five Must-Haves to Start your Collection.

It’s a Crime not to Prime 

Before applying any makeup products, it will be vital to prep your skin and build your base. A great primer will serve as a canvas for your makeup, just like an artist priming their canvas for a masterpiece.

Primer can work wonders to create a smooth surface and help your makeup to last even longer. With a little bit of research, you will find a variety of primers to suit your skin type, whether oily, dull, dry or combination. 

Find your Foundation

When buying a foundation for the first time, the lingo can be confusing! For example, what on earth is the difference between a matte or dewy look?!

Personal preference will determine your foundation choice, with some preferring a thicker, long-lasting foundation that provides plenty of coverage, whilst others prefer a lighter, more natural look. Some love a glowing, dewy look created by a luminous foundation, whilst others prefer a flat, matte look with no shine. Many makeup brands offer samples to try, so you can road test the best style of the foundation for you before you buy.

The biggest mistake made by makeup rookies is choosing the incorrect foundation color. When shopping for your shade, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the makeup counter and compare a variety of shades to find your best fit. You may wish to look for two foundation shades, including a darker shade for sun-kissed summer skin and a lighter shade for the winter months.

Make your Lashes Lush 

For those who aren’t blessed with long, natural lashes, mascara will be the saving grace in your make up bag. Even if you are in a hurry, mascara will be an essential step in your makeup routine. A coat of mascara can instantly transform your lashes by adding color, length, and volume.

When purchasing mascara, it helps to do some research before you hit the shops or finalize your online shopping cart. Ask your friends to recommend their go-to products. Even a simple Google search of great mascaras can unearth reviews of popular brands and help to narrow down the best of the bunch. Look out for warnings against products that clump or smudge, and leave you looking like a raccoon within hours.

To Blush or to Bronze?

The choice between blush or bronzer is often a personal one, with some preferring a beachy, bronze glow and others opting for a rosy hue on their cheekbones. The season can also play a big part in the choice between blush or bronzer. Bronzer tends to be the summer choice. It will instantly boost your tan and can also be used as a contour tool to accentuate and sculpt your cheekbones. Blush, on the other hand, gives an elegant, pink flush and can look more natural in the colder months. If you can’t choose, having both products in your makeup kit certainly won’t be a waste.

Keep it Natural 

Ultimately, you should look for makeup products that will enhance and highlight your best features, rather than piling on products. Before you spend hundreds on professional products, start slow and build a natural look a few key staples. Then, you can expand on your collection to rival the Instagram influencers in no time!


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed


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