How to Benefit from the Sales Automation Tools in Logistics?

How to Benefit from the Sales Automation Tools in Logistics?

Feb 7, 2020, 6:48:27 AM Business

There is a very high chance that each and every sales manager in logistics industry at least once in his business career thought about finding and introducing that modern technological solution for automating the processes in the sales department. 

Not only the top players on the logistics market can benefit from using software to automate sales. Even small and medium-sized forwarding companies struggle to structure their commercial process. If you choose the software correctly, you can boost sales, without increasing the number of employees in the sales team. In every business, the key is always the efficiency of work (maximizing profit with minimal time and salary costs for expensive staff members), which is the main trump card in the highly competitive market.

In complex business processes with manual data processing, it is quite easy to make a mistake fatal for the commercial success of a company. Just think for a moment what kind of attentiveness, caution and speed of decision-making should be possessed by a specialist who processes an array of information with rapidly changing initial data - transportation tariffs, freight quotes, invoices and disputes, compliance with signed agreements and additional terms and conditions, etc.

Digitalization can simplify and standardize work processes, and accordingly increase the total value of profitability. How can this be achieved? First of all, the minimization of the manual process, the main error generator, which consumes expensive time of your staff. For example, when switching to the automatic tariff search process and their aggregation, the time spent by sales representatives is reduced by 30%, which gives corresponding profit savings.

The client eventually receives the freight quote, but it is completely unknown to him what kind of processes are hidden behind. Here lies the entire routine process that can be avoided when introducing the modern sales automation tools.

If you want to keep up with market leaders, maintaining their high pace, then digitalization of processes inevitably has to be carried out at all levels. Freight forwarders, by traditionally calculating freight rates in Excel spreadsheets, see that they are still one step behind those who use freight rate management software. Such inefficiencies inevitably lead to lower sales and unnecessary costs in internal processes.

The freight transportation industry is global and giant business, but the tendencies of the digital revolution are not as noticeable as in other industries. Large amounts of money are invested into the human resources and outdated technologies. Those companies who are the first to occupy the niche of automated approaches to reduce internal costs will lead this race.

There are plenty of tools available on the market at the moment. The time will show which are the most relevant and practical. But if you are looking for a quick and frictionless implementation of the automatic freight rate management process, please check out Quotiss software.


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed

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