Selecting the perfect Chandelier

Selecting the perfect Chandelier

Dec 23, 2019, 4:44:37 PM Life and Styles

Are you a person that likes homes that are traditionally decorated with every piece in the house making a statement then a foyer crystal Chandelier should be a part of your interior decoration.

The foyer is one of the most overlooked places in the home. In a small house, it is unnoticeable but in royal houses an empty entryway makes things look dull with no substance in it. However, you should not make the same mistake as a foyer is the first impression of your house and it sets the tone for the rest of your house. Hence a perfect chandelier hanging up will be the perfect addition to your house entryway.

It is tricky to choose the perfect Chandelier with the perfect height, diameter, design, and size. Hence we have prepared a list of things by which you can evaluate which Chandelier would fit your home entryway

1.Know the dimensions

You can have the chandelier hanging above your dining room and in your foyer but it is important that you have full dimensions of the place in which you plan to hand the crystal chandelier. This will help prevent future incidents like guest bumping on the chandelier or it being too high on the ceiling to be noticed.

2.Place it on the right height

When you decide how high or how low the chandelier would be then you should know the height of your room. If the ceiling is low then your Chandelier can't be hanging to low as it would bump into the people who would pass around it. Also if the ceiling is high and the chandelier is also high then it would be unnoticed and the light from it would never reach where it is meant to be. Hence the chandelier you buy must have height following the roof of the room.

3.The type of chandelier

There are various types of chandeliers in the market crystal chandelier are more elaborate meanwhile opulent chandelier is more delicate. It depends on which one you want for what place, for instance, you can have the crystal ones in the foyer and the opulent in the lobby or dining room. It all depends on the theme and interior design you have chosen for your house.

4.Illumination by the Chandelier

Some chandeliers can light up the whole room while others have such small illumination that it barely lights up anything. The ones with less illumination can be good for dining rooms to just give a grand effect or be the perfect low light on the date nights. Meanwhile, highly illumined one is in hotel lounges and hotel lobbies where they are the main source of light and give a distinctive touch to the room.

5.Other places Chandeliers can be

Now we have all seen a grand chandelier in rich people house's entryway but there are also other places where chandelier can be hung like a walk-in closet, on the round staircase above the kitchen island and many other places.

So what are you waiting to get going and choosing the perfect chandelier for your home? Place it where you want an as per your own will.





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