Three Types of MMO Games

Three Types of MMO Games

Apr 7, 2020, 9:10:12 PM Tech and Science

In the last few decades, the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) genre has grown in popularity among online gamers. The major reason behind this is that these games give the players a perfect opportunity to play against or even alongside millions of players worldwide. Besides, MMO games ensure that players trade items, get social and even interact with regards to the best strategy to circumnavigate a challenge. Therefore, these games can offer lots of activities for online gamers leading to improved engagement. For beginners and even existing players, this article seeks to enlighten you on the three common types of these games. 

MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games)

While players might use the terms MMORPG and MMO interchangeably, noteworthy is the fact that a significant difference exists. Here, the term MMO basically denotes the overall genre of these online games. On the other hand, MMORPGs denote a subgenre in the massively multiplayer online games. Therefore, every MMORPG game you come across will fit as an MMO. However, not all MMOs will fit into the MMORPG category. The latter is a type of online multiplayer game whereby players take up the role of a given character hence controlling their actions. In this, the player ends up having quests and even world-saving adventures in sci-fi or medieval fantasies. Some of the best free MMORPG games include Tera, Archeage and Guild Wars 2. 


The second type of MMO is the Massively Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games. These are commonly dubbed as MOBAs or MOBA. These are strategy games whereby players assume hero roles. They end up leading their team against other global teams. Simply, you are bound to go down lanes as you are accompanied by minions that are AI-controlled. The main goal of a MOBA game is to get rid of the opponent's structures. Battles oblige players to carefully utilize hero skills or even maps in the quest to beat opponents. While MOBAs are stereotypically known for being tough, many players love them hence end up investing lots of time and financial resources. 


Numerous sports games revolve around realism and simulation. However, innovation in the industry has seen these games embrace MMO gaming mechanics. This has led to the development of the MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Sports Games) genre. A perfect example of such a sports game is FIFA Online 3. It is a cross-platform game whereby players are able to play yet customize teams from any league in the globe. Moreover, players can play against each other and earn experience points that unlock more items or players in the game. To get more details about MMO games, go to

With the above types of MMOs, you are sure to relate to other players through teamwork, you get to set and achieve specific goals while at the same time you end up benefiting from positive reinforcement. Fans of these games should expect more games in new genres as developers continue to embrace and work on the connected, social and open-world gameplay mechanics. Have fun as you play your favorite game type. 


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