Top Casual Shirts Brands in Pakistan

Top Casual Shirts Brands in Pakistan

Mar 20, 2020, 1:27:40 AM Business

Casual shirts add flair to one's wardrobe, with various colours and patterns that can be paired with many different attires. These shirts come in many style variations, the collars and cuffs can completely change the overall look. Casual shirts have shorter cuffs in comparison to formal shirts, as in the latter the cuff ahs to be visible even when a blazer is worn over it. The collars can be in the band style or cut-aways and any other number of options in between.

Given that these shirts are to be worn outside of formal situations the patterns and prints can be funky too. A lot of brands have fabric that has a pattern which is woven into it and not printed on top. The collars and cuffs also have contrast at times, meaning on the inside of them there is a colour that is in contrast with the rest. For instance, a black shirt may have a deep yellow fabric stitched into the inside of the cuff. This can look really good but if the colours and stitching aren't right it can come across as a bit gaudy.

Since summer is coming up it is time to invest in some casual shirts as they are do get seen more often when one isn't wearing a sweater. Luckily Pakistan being a cotton heavy country has many brands that are using top class fabric to make casual shirts. The cotton from here is some of the best available in the world and is relatively inexpensive, meaning local brands can make good use of it. Some do make their products from mixed materials but cotton is considered more standard. As far as stitching goes, shirts are one of the western wear items that we have been able to reproduce well. With many improvements over time in the quality of cut and stitch.

There are a whole lot of brands that make casual shirts locally. It can be difficult to know which ones to turn to get their dose of casual shirts for the season. To make it easier here is a list of brands that make different styles and qualities of casual shirts:


Focusing on a snappy style with more sober colours and patterns. With good stitch quality, their shirts will last a while.


A brand that has a very extensive range of casual shirts. The Diners catalogue is full of many options, with all kinds of patterns, cuts and designs which you can shop at

Cotton & Cotton

One of the few Pakistani brands that have western wear that is at par with international standards. They also import fabric for their more high-end lines.

A great range of smart casual wear, shirts that have lots of pinpoints and stripes. The more standard style value of being sober with their colours and patterns.


Another brand that has a very diverse option range, including the more funky and floral kind. Their cut style has lesser variation.

Between these brands, one can easily find something they like and that works for their budget.

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