What-to-do and What-not-to-do When Wearing Vintage Dresses

Vintage shopping is a trend in the 21st century which every major fashionista does once in a while. 

However, making a vintage dress look like a statement in the 21st century is not something everyone can do. You need to be careful when doing this. 

Here are a few things to follow then dressing up in vintage clothes.

Do Not accessorize a 1920s vintage dress, the shine and the shimmer on the dress will take center-stage and if you add another piece of jewelry in that your look will become too overwhelming. 

Do use those vintage swing dresses for your lunch parties. These light dresses make the perfect day-look in summers and can be carried by anyone flawlessly. Also, they will have you looking unique and you're bound to turn some heads.

Do Not go for a head to toe vintage dress look unless going for a Halloween party. Wearing a full vintage dress when you are out and about on the streets will have everyone assuming you are a theatre artist. 

Do mix and match take a vintage piece of cloth and match it with a modern piece. A popular mix and match can be wide-leg pants and a crop top. A vintage skirt and a logo crop top. 

Do not go for a loose dress while the vintage store holders tell you that the cloth is perfect. This shirt will 99% of the time will have you looking like a drab. 

Do take one vintage piece and make your full look around it. For instance, people take a chunky vintage necklace and pair it with a white shirt and jeans. You can take a long haul court and wear it over jeans and crop tops. This will give your whole dress a vintage outlook but at the same time, you will elude modern elegance. 

Do not go for a retro dress at a formal dinner or party. While a retro vintage dress would be good for a friend’s hangout wearing this at a formal place can have people looking you awkwardly. 

Do use those shirts for formal lunches paired with skinny jeans. This dress and style will give you looking stylish and elegant. 

Do Not go for anything that is too dated. This will have you looking like a gram no matter how much you put your twist to it. 

Do go for some mixing of clothes one of the most popular and successful ways to wear clothes is by mixing them with something modern and chic. 

Do not follow every trend that people do in vintage, for instance, leather jeans were a trend that only suited people who have skinny legs and huge asses. 

Do make use of belts when wearing loose vintage dresses they will allow you to define your waistline and you will be having a smart-chic silhouette for yourself. 

Do not be afraid of those layers of frumps. When paired with a simple pant or shirt they can give you a unique look from the rest of the party.

Do look for vintage accessories they can be the statement to any dress. The statement-making accessory to any plain dress or shirt. 

Vintage clothes are all about experimentation true but following the few what-to-do and what-not-to-do above you will be able to achieve the balanced look.  

With vintage clothes you will be able to conserve the environment, save money and lastly you will always be looking unique. 

So add a few vintage pieces in your cupboard, pair them and play around with them – cheers. 


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed


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