9 Benefits of Educational Toys


9 Benefits of Educational Toys

Jan 6, 2021, 6:56:18 PM Tech and Science

Children learn through the environment with which they interact. The toys children play with form a significant part of their learning. 

Since children also spend a lot of time around toys, caregivers should choose the toys with much care to add value to their growth.

The best way to help children learn is to give them toys to play with that also teach. Montessori inspired learning resources from My Happy Helpers are an example of toys that are geared towards playing, creating, and discovering. 

Below are some reasons why you might consider educational toys for your children.

Improved IQ

Educational toys improve children’s IQ through improved identification skills, motor skills, identification, eye-hand coordination, and literacy abilities.

As they enjoy having fun with the toys, children are more likely to retain most of their learnt concepts, and gradually their IQ levels grow.

Improved creativity and imagination

Educational toys help in building a child’s creativity and imagination through their curiosity. These toys allow room for children to explore, experiment, design, and grow.

Inquisitiveness forms a significant part of their immediate environment. Having toys which allow this aspect to be explored more is beneficial.

Help in relating to the environment

As a child develops, their primary education originates from their surroundings. Educational toys make it easier for a child to connect and interact with the world around them.

Development of social and emotional skills

Some educational toys require multiple players, whereby a child needs interaction and play with other children and adults. 

As children play with such toys, they are likely to undergo certain emotions such as joy, crying, and anger, among others.

In such occurrences, they learn to cope with different feelings and emotions. The social development skills attained revolve around waiting for their turn (patience), sharing, and having fun with others.

Develop of cognitive abilities

The innovation of educational toys is in line with the educational needs of different age groups. 

Children of different age groups require a particular set of skills which inventors of educational toys usually incorporate. The toys help children to develop the ability to reason and make independent decisions.

Development of sensory skills

Educational toys help in the development of the sensory abilities of children, including touch, hearing, and sight. Bright coloured toys help children to develop their attention to detail. Some toys produce different sounds, which help improve their hearing ability.

 As children play with their toys, they develop an attachment to certain toys due to their colour and sounds. These specifications and characteristics help in improving their personality.

Improved ability to concentrate

Children’s ability to concentrate is limited. However, they can spend more time playing with a specific toy. 

Educational toys make a learning process more fun even for children with limited attention span. Besides, a child can retain more of their learning experience when done in a fun environment.

Setting up a background for the classroom learning

Children who are exposed to the right educational toys are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards learning as, in most cases, they stay ahead of others in the class.

Educational toys set up a fun way of learning for children, which motivate them in learning.

Instil independence and self-esteem in children

Toys encourage children to spend time alone playing. They also give a child a good feeling about themselves.

Educational toys equip children with specific knowledge and skills which boost their self-image.

The choice of toy determines the educational value a child is likely to attain from playing with it. 

Toys are a fun way for children to learn. A good toy is safe, simple, and fun for a child where they are also learning without realising.


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