Nobody performs introductions well' is a great essay writing tip

Nobody performs introductions well' is a great essay writing tip

Dec 20, 2021, 3:24:01 AM Business

It doesn't have to be difficult to write a high-quality paper. There are a few easy approaches that might help you improve your writing. If you need writing paper help, please visit our website.

Punch holes in the ground.

The purpose of writing an essay is to demonstrate that you are able to analyse the subject matter in a critical manner (whatever it may be). If you merely regurgitate what you've read, you won't be able to get to the top of the grade scale.

But how does critical evaluation appear in practise? "Poke holes" in books you're studying, says Squirrell, and then figure out how "the writers aren't flawless."

According to him, this might be a frightening concept. Is it possible for an undergraduate to criticise something that has been studied for a long time?

Foucault's History of Sexuality Volume 3 doesn't have a glaring defect, but you can say, 'There are flaws with these specific narratives, and here is how you may overcome them.'." A 60-something essay is different from a 70-something piece in this regard."

Criticise your own ideas

As soon as you've analysed the texts, you should switch your attention to your own ideas. There's a good chance this goes against everything you've taught about academic writing, yet it's essential to developing your views.

Squirrell says, "We're educated from an early age to provide all sides of the debate." It's not until college that you're instructed to give one side of the argument and hold it throughout the article." This isn't quite enough; you also need to determine what the most compelling counterarguments are to your own argument. The best way to discover faults in your logic is by writing and responding to them. Trying to push the boundaries of an argument is typically rewarded by the markers."

Okay, I'll go ahead and utilise Wikipedia.

There is a lot of debate among academics over whether or not students should use Wikipedia for study.

Squirrell responds, "I really disagree." On the other hand, some people argue that you can't be sure who wrote the piece, or what their intentions were or their predispositions are. For the most part, it's a great way to gain your bearings on a topic, or to uncover a smattering of secondary sources. Only as a "primer" or a "last resort," yet it has its place. "

Concentrate on what you're reading

Reading lists may be both a benefit and a nuisance. They're a good place to start, but don't treat them like a checklist. Even if a book is recommended, it doesn't mean you have to read it cover to cover. We will provide you the best paper writer on our website.

The reading list isn't everything.

To do so, "this is a rather simple task," Squirrell explains. See which sources were utilised and whether or not they're worth reading by searching for them in Google Scholar." Afterwards, you may utilise Google Scholar to search for additional publications that have referenced the work you're writing about. "However, quality is more important than volume."

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