Universal Consciousness Growth Movement – The Law of One

Universal Consciousness Growth Movement – The Law of One

May 24, 2021, 4:28:13 PM Opinion

All is one and one is all. You might be asking, “what does this mean”?  Have you ever thought that this means that the universe and everything in it is just one giant entity? Like you and I and other things around you are part of one body. This means that when your neighbor is suffering that it also impacts you. The neighbor that is starving or unemployed could resort to preying on other neighbors through crime in order to survive. It is because of this possibility that we should all look out for one another to ensure that we all are doing well. This is why you see food drives at grocery stores to provide food for needy individuals and families. A fed soul has less of a reason to resort to crime to obtain the resources that they need to survive. Not to mention happiness is improved and this results in a healthier universe. Sean Kirtz, successful entrepreneur and yoga teacher, knows this and seeks to spread this movement because it has enriched his life and has the power to enrich others’ lives.

He knows from his personal and business experiences that this can help yourself in relationships and business. Sean spreads his beliefs on this movement through his teachings in yoga and dealing with stakeholders in his businesses. He learned when he was young the power of helping others will eventually come back to help you. Sean knows that he never would have been able to overcome challenges in setting up his businesses without receiving help from others. The help that he has received from mentors and kind souls is what has made him be able to achieve what he has accomplished today.

Sean now believe he has an obligation to pay it forward. This is part of the reason why he has begun teaching yoga to individuals in his community so that in addition to teaching yoga techniques, he can pass on good values and the belief in this movement in order to encourage others to do more good in their communities and help each other out. In addition to Yoga, Sean has started another business venture, the Conscious Collective, a gathering of the best spiritual and entrepreneurs in the area. He hopes to impart his teachings to other spiritual leaders and businesses in order to help those with less.

Sean knows the ripple effects of not helping others can stretch far where the actions of a neighbor driven to commit crimes can impact other members of our universe and weaken society as a whole. This is why today we see certain neighborhoods blighted and struggling in poverty. This is why residents of these neighborhoods can’t improve their lives and go get the training and education they need in order to join the middle class and live the American Dream. This is how the universe gets worse for everyone including you. Sean hopes by encouraging other business owners in the area to help that a different outcome can result. Perhaps businesses will provide scholarships to help the less fortunate learn the skills they need to function in the economy of the 21st century. Or they could raise donations to provide critical resources such as clothing and food to the less fortunate. By helping the less fortunate in your community, you can reduce crime, build stronger ties in your community, and thus improve the universe as a whole.

That is why we need to help each other so positive ripple effects get spread across the universe. The help you lend your neighbor today will strengthen the whole universe. This results in a universe where there is more love, support, and strength. This is why all is one and one is all. We are all connected to each other. Your actions have effects on everyone. This is how offering someone help can result in someone two miles away benefitting as the person you help today can then go and help others and strengthen our universe. 

Published by Shahbaz Awan

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