Why you Should Hire an English Tutor For Your Child

Why you Should Hire an English Tutor For Your Child

Jun 28, 2021, 9:40:12 AM Creative

Are you thinking of hiring an English tutor for your child? Is it worth it and what does it entail?  These are some of the questions that parents think about before looking into tuition for their child, especially if they are falling behind. We are going to discuss some of the reasons why getting a tutor is beneficial for your child in this article and how it can help them develop their skills in English.

Tutors offer several benefits, and these include the following:

  • Develop key skills

English is an important subject and if your child is good with communication and comprehension, it will also help them across all the other subjects. That is why it is vital for your child to learn about the correct use of English in a variety of contexts. If students struggle to grasp the skills associated with this subject like grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary, they are likely to fall behind in subjects like Maths, Science and History as well.

An English tutor will help them build core skills and raise their confidence with various modes of communication. 

  • Safe space to develop their skills

Writing and reading are considered natural skills that are often taken for granted. So, if your child is not competent in these areas, then there is a chance that they will feel embarrassed, especially if they are required to read aloud in front of their class. This is one of the reasons why some students are hesitant to admit that they are falling behind.

Private English tutoring will provide your child with a safe space to develop these essential skills in the comfort of their own home.

  • Actual feedback

English tuition will often be one-on-one, so the tutor can provide real-time feedback to your child. This means that they can show your child where they went wrong, and how to correct these mistakes. They will also explain the concepts more clearly to your child and provide examples of how to effectively use them in real-life situations.

  • Improved concentration and focus

Classrooms can sometimes be distracting, and teachers struggle to identify if their students are focused on their learning. However, in a one-on-one situation, students are less likely to be distracted because the tutor will notice it right away and get them back on track.

Often English tuition happens from the comfort of your own home, whether you opt for an online or in home option, and your child will be more willing to focus on what they are learning as it is tailored specifically to their needs.

  • Make English fun

English is a fascinating subject, but many children who are struggling to understand grow to despise it. Part of this is due to the standardised curriculum and assessments, which often cater to the average student. If your child has disengaged, an English tutor can make it more fun. In fact, they can design their lessons based on your child’s needs and preferences. As your child progresses through their lessons, they may begin to enjoy English and eventually become more motivated to learn at school.

Overall, if you are still wondering if your child needs an English tutor, we recommend contacting a local professional to answer any further questions. A good English tutor can help your child develop their English proficiency and become more successful in other subjects as well.

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