10 Types of Pink Flowers:

10 Types of Pink Flowers:

Nov 15, 2017, 8:58:58 PM Life and Styles

When anyone talks about pink color than first thing come in mind is girls. Mostly pink is the favorite color of the girls. But there many things that are associated with pink flowers. People use pink flowers for the awareness of the breast cancer. Every year October month is celebrated as the breast cancer awareness month and people love to give pink flowers to the caregiver in this month to show their gratitude. You can celebrate many occasions with these beautiful pink flowers and these occasions include mother’s day, anniversaries, and birthdays. Pink flowers look so beautiful and also they have a great impact on the garden. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your garden you can grow pink flowers. Here is the list of 10 pink flowers.


This is a five-petaled magenta flower that rest on the tall and angular stem. This flower looks so pretty and is easy to grow. It is a short-lived perennial plant but its beauty can mesmerize anyone.


Monarda is very different, beautiful and bright colored flower that looks very attractive when used in mass planting. So, if you are searching for a beautiful pink flower to grow in your garden then you can choose this flower. This flower is also known as bee balm because it is very attractive to bees, hummingbirds and other pollinators in summers. This is also known and grown for its aromatic foliage.


A beautiful dahlia is the best flower to grow in the garden and also this spiky colored flower look fabulous in bouquet arrangement. This flower symbolizes inner strength, warning, staying graceful in a tough situation, and major life change. This stunning dahlia comes in many colors.

Veronica Spicata:

Veronica spicata is also known as spike speedwell and this flower is very attractive to bees and butterflies. It comes in many colors like pink, blue, violet, and white. This summer flower is lovely clump-forming perennial that produce a long bloom of tiny and star-shaped flowers.

Iberis Umbellata

Iberis umbellate is also known as garden candytuft flower. This is a beautiful flower and can be easily grown. Everyone likes this versatile flower. Candytuft flower is heat and drought tolerant. This flower love sunshine but can tolerate bit shade. They grow in spring or autumn.

Paeonia lactiflora

This is a beautiful and long-lived flower. Petals of this flower are of red-pink color and from inside it has creamy in color. This flower is known for honor, riches and brings good fortune.

Trifolium Rubens:

Trifolium Rubens is another flower that attracts lots of bees and butterflies. This is very easy to grow and also looks very ornamental. It is also very beneficial for soil because it adds nitrogen to the soil and also prevents soil erosion.

Viola Perennis

Viola flower grows in the cool weather and needs moist soil with plenty of organic matter. These flowers have deep pink color petal and center is white flowers in color.

Thyme-Caborn Wine and Roses:

This is a beautiful ornamental flower that is covered with round pink flowers. These creeping thymes look very beautiful in the garden. These are so beautiful and attract lots of bees and butterflies to the garden. So, if you want to make your garden more attractive and also want to attract butterflies then you should plant this flower there.


Autrihinium that is also known snapdragon flower is very beautiful and grow in cooler weather. Snapdragons vary in size from five inches to three feet. When you will squeeze the flower gently it will look like dragon head that is the reason it is known as snapdragon. This flower also has some medicinal value and oil of its seeds is used to cure bodily swelling. This flower comes in many shades and symbolizes grace, strength, and deviousness.

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