5 - No Frills, Easy Things That Every Home Needs

5 - No Frills, Easy Things That Every Home Needs

Sep 3, 2019, 2:31:57 PM Life and Styles

Home is where your heart is. But sometimes just like your heart, emotions and feelings, it needs to go through the phase of transition for its own betterment.  It is human nature to dread the transition due to the costs and time involved. But what if we tell you that the makeover of your home doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket? Would you be interested then? Lovely folks out there, you can transform your home from simple to personal, from pretty to prettier and from before to after with these pocket-friendly home accents!
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Fresh flowers are a beautiful thing to have at home. They not only jazz up your living surroundings but also improve the air quality and boost your productivity. If you have trouble sleeping, it is all the more important that you have flowers at home. Flowers keep you relaxed and calm you down. Keep them on the windowsill, on the balcony, at the entrance, on the dining table or work desk. Numerous studies have proved over and again that flowers like daisies, roses and orchids can uplift mood and increase productivity at the work front. If you travel a lot and can’t spare time for purchase flowers, you can always order them online for your loved ones. There are many florists who can provide same day and midnight online flower delivery at reasonable rates.


If the original wall colors have worn down, it is time to get some wallpaper. You can patch them on the required part and create a neat collage. You don't have to bear the expense all at once and can go for it once the time and budget permits.


Like fresh flowers bouquet, aromatic candles or floral scented candles can create a Zen feel for your home. At times, when you are down and feeling little under the weather, light them up and let them work their charm on you. When teamed up with flowers, they work in synergy and help you feel relaxed and calm down. Not only this, having candles of different sizes and shapes at home are great accents for your home too.

Photo frames

Photo frames with your family photos in it are a brilliant way to personalize your home. While they give your abode a sense of belongingness, having them at the bedstand, next to your clock is a beautiful way to jump start your day.

A Storage Organizer

An organizer can help your home to stay clutter-free and organized. Even if it is made of fabric, canvas or Jute as a DIY project, it helps you to keep your documents, bills and keepsakes secure and handy. After all, we all know how frustrating and time-consuming can be not finding a bill or a nail clipper can be when you really need it.

Give these cost-effective and super cheap home accents a try and see for yourself!

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