Here’s How To Find The Perfect Birthday Flowers For Your Near And Dear Ones!

Here’s How To Find The Perfect Birthday Flowers For Your Near And Dear Ones!

Jan 17, 2019, 2:43:12 PM Life and Styles

Selecting birthday flowers is an arduous task. There are so many options to choose from! From birthday bouquets to soft toys and from gift baskets to assorted chocolates - what makes the perfect birthday gift? You don’t want to come across as too forthcoming or you don’t want to do something too less or too little either! To solve this dilemma for you, here are a few flower hacks from the experts to help you choose the birthday flowers and thus, brighten up the most special day of your loved ones!

For Your Sweetheart

Definitely, red roses as they symbolise love, passion and intensity. Red is the colour of blood. With red roses, you tell them how your beloved means the world to you and how the life will be worthless without them. With the mixed flower bouquet of white and red roses, you can express the purity of your relationship and your loyalty and commitment.

For Your Sister, Mother and Father

Your sister, father and mother have been there throughout your life when you need them the most. The ups and downs, the roller coaster ride called life, would have been impossible to survive through and make it this far had they been not with you. What could possibly be worth expressing your love, regards and gratitude towards them? All you can do is to send them the gift of red flowers or a bunch of mixed flowers to express how lucky and thankful you are to have them in your life! Lilies, roses and orchids are the go-to birthday gift options for family members.

For Your Friend

A friend dons several avatars. He or she could be your mentor, agony aunt or the person whom you could rely on when you don’t know whom to trust anymore. A person like that needs special gift of classy yellow roses, tulips or Sunflowers stand for loyalty and happiness- just what a friend brings to life!

For Your Colleague

The water cooler conversation, chai breaks and slack gossips! How on the Earth would you manage to make it work if it weren’t for your colleagues? They are the ones who make Monday Blues and weekdays a lot more bearable and transform Fridays into Fri-yay! However, a workplace has its limits and protocol, hence if you are sending birthday flowers online to your colleague, it is better to check up with the HR first. White, yellow and pink flowers such as dahlias and gerberas are your go-to option to convey your platonic love for them.

For Your Mentor

Your mentor has groomed you professionally as well as held your hand to help you sail through troubled water in the personal life. Gratitude, love and respect - that’s all you need to convey and for that, mixed flower bouquets along with a basket of dry fruits or chocolates are the best birthday gifts for them.

Folks, now when we have made the work easy for you, don’t stop and say it all out with flowers! Express your feelings with flowers and make their big day even better and more memorable!

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