Shop for the Best Cycles Online on Flexible EMI


Shop for the Best Cycles Online on Flexible EMI

Feb 2, 2022, 9:09:20 AM Life and Styles

Cycling as a sport, a hobby, and a way to be healthy has become a phenomenon. With an easy way to pedal your way to good health, cycling offers an effective cardiovascular exercise mode. Moreover, you will find people of all ages indulging in cycling. In fact, during the recent lockdown period, cycling has offered a method of partaking in an individual contactless sport. Especially with the closure of gymnasiums, people all over the globe have taken to cycling to get their health goals tackled. 

Previously, in India, you didn’t have a choice where quality cycles could be bought without a hitch. Consumers had to depend on cycles that were imported if they desired standards of quality. However, these days, you can get cycles of a superior standard, with the latest technology from brands like Avon cycles. 

Great Bikes at Great Offers

Owning a bicycle is not a challenging feat as you can buy the best models from leading brands. Furthermore, you can check models online, and you will get a fairly accurate idea so that you can make your purchase decision fast and buy the cycle you want by paying for it conveniently online. Additionally, you can not only browse for different kinds of cycles, but you can compare prices too, and if you have a budget, you can weigh the pros and cons of various models. 

From a bicycle under 10,000 INR to a high-end model you get for close to 50,000 INR, the range to explore is huge. You may want to have a look at the Bajaj Mall if you want any kind of bicycle. With already significant discounts, you also get cashback anywhere from 15%-30% as Navratri offers on top bicycle models. Thus, your favorite cycle is now more affordable than ever. Nonetheless, as tempting as it is to plunge on and buy a good cycle, you should have some information about what cycles are all about and their types. 

Factors to Consider

Buying a cycle can be a challenge for some, not because there are too few cycles, but because there are many specific types available and you should know some fundamentals of bikes first. Most of us know how to ride a bicycle, and to some of us, cycling has been second nature while growing up, but currently, buying a cycle requires much thought. You cannot just depend on ‘advice’ from friends and family or your neighborhood shopkeeper. 

You need something of an expert’s knowledge to get the best bike available for your requirements. For instance, in any bike you buy, whether from Avon cycles or Leader cycles, you may find you have purchased the wrong frame size, or worse, the wrong kind of bike overall. Being well-versed while shopping for a bike will help you. Here are a few key considerations.

  • Pick a Budget - Whatever your riding purpose, you need to have a budget in mind. Like any product you buy, the sky's the limit, so you need to be sure how much you’re willing to spend. Once you know this, you can forge ahead with ease. 
  • Think of Purpose - What is your purpose for having a bicycle? Recreation, commuting, or training? You might also want to consider how frequently you will use the bicycle. 
  • Bicycle Type - There are literally hundreds of different models of bikes available in different budgets and brands. You can even have a range within a single brand, and you may get a bicycle under 10,000 INR or another of 30,000 INR from the same brand. The bicycle-type is largely determined by its purpose. In case your budget is below 30,000 INR, and you aim to get fit or use your bike for a lighter degree of commuting, you can go in for a mountain bike or a hybrid vehicle. 

Types of Bicycles

Primarily, you get three types of bicycles, and these constitute the hybrid, the road bike, and the mountain bike. You also get specific types geared towards road commutation. Let’s take a look at all three that you get up to 5,000 INR cashback at the Bajaj Mall.

  • Road Bikes - Made for long-distance riding or racing, this is a sleek bicycle with speeds that go up as you ride. If you are investing in this type of cycle, think of ones that cost above 30,000 INR, as durability is assured. 
  • Mountain Bikes - This is a versatile bike, although called ‘mountain bike’. Most people ride these on Indian roads. These are hardy models and you can use them off roads too. 
  • Hybrid Bikes - This is an amalgamation of a road bike and a mountain bike. You can get one of these for convenient use anywhere you want to use it. 

Have the Best Ride

At the Bajaj Mall, you get the pick of the bunch from the best Avon cycles to brands like Leader. With a zero-down payment facility on select models, you can grab your favorite bike with offers (up to 30% cashback gift vouchers) and on-site discounts. Pay for your bike on No Cost EMIs by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, and select the repayment tenor that is convenient for you.

Published by Shailendra Kumar

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