Coming Home

Coming Home

Hello Friends!

There is no other feeling than coming home after a long trip. 

When you pass by old roads and familiar buildings, fragments of your past come back to you. Your friends, your first job, even the neighbours next door.


Coming home for me was an odd feeling, to be back and realize that nothing has changed but at the same thing everything isn't the same. New buildings were rectified where they had been empty lots, businesses shut down and re-opened. Sometimes we forget that even though we leave, life keeps on going without you.

Everyone around me is growing up, going to uni , getting real jobs and getting their life together. It all seems like yesterday we were all just bratty teenagers hanging out at the local park.

So when I say coming home is an odd feeling, I don't mean bad necessarily. It's just after everything I've done and coming back, I feel that London and everything could have easily just been a dream. That the past two years flew right past me.  It's a scary feeling but with the luck I had and the people I've met, I think those two years have changed me forever and who knows what the future holds. 

All I know is coming home after a long time away is an odd feeling but also good because wherever I go, I know I'm surrounded by people who love me and people that I love. Ain't that so sappy?

Oh well, enough ranting for tonight and will see you guys again.


Published by Shanice Bowrin

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