Day 38 of Writing Daily

Day 38 of Writing Daily

So I actually had a good day in writing. In the morning I was sorting out all my social media stuff. I made a FaceBook page. I'm still trying to get used to My Trending Stories. Writing down ideas for articles.

But I wrote the action scene for chapter 11. I've only written about 250 words on chapter 12, but I'm currently still writing. I don't feel sleepy yet.And I wanted to finish my favorite movie, Belle.

I still believe that I only have 2 chapters left for book 1. After book 1 I'll take a week break from writing Succession and go to editing. I need to continue to publish on Tablo. I might also put a snippet on WordPress and My Trending Stories.

I feel like I'm going to cry on chapter 14 only because I feel like its going to be an emotional rollercoaster.

So hold on tight guys because we're writing something great!

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