Good Music for Writing: Alan Menken's Love at First Sight (Romantic Mood)

Good Music for Writing: Alan Menken's Love at First Sight (Romantic Mood)

There is no doubt, Alan Menken is a great composer. He was even able to compose music that was better than the movie itself. Mirror Mirror was supposed to be their own version of Snow White.

I only had heard of the album when I was on Apple Radio.

This soundtrack offers many good sounds. But I wanted to highlight one of them. Love at First Sight. It definitely feels like that young love type of couple. This song happens when your love interest first meets each other.

This song works best if you're writing medieval, fairytale, or fantasy.

Listen to it here.

How Can this Help You?

This song can help introduce your love interest. You can use this whether or not their strangers or have known each other for some time.

If they are strangers... Have them meet up like some typical fairytale story. Which yes, is an old cliche played out. So let's think of something different.

This can be an arranged marriage gone right!

In Reign, Kenna and Bash were forced to be married, but at least they learned to love each other.

Let your imagination run wild with these scenarios.

If they've know each other for some time. Let them do something that makes the person realize their feelings. Conversations and simple gestures can help with that.

Here's an example:

In the movie Anastasia, we see chemistry between Anastasia and Dimitri. It was obvious to the audience that they would get together. But the movie allowed the characters themselves to realize it.

When they were dancing, that's the moment the realized their feelings. You can tell by the conversations they were having. You easily plug in this Alan Menken song and would get the romantic feeling.

This song would defiantly give you the feels. Take a Listen and see how it helps you.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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