Good Music for Writing with Alex & Sierra

Good Music for Writing with Alex & Sierra

Alex and Sierra are a duo that definitely deserves more love.

I first heard of them when they were on X-Factor in 2013. I remember their audition which was their own version of Britney Spear’s Toxic.

That moment, I instantly knew there was something special about them. Even when they gave their winning performance Say Something… it brought me to tears.

I never cry when somebody wins a show, but they made me cry so hard.

They released their debut album, It’s About Us.

I have always been waiting for the album. Once I got it, I could never put it down. Their voices really compliment one another. The instrumentals they use are wonderful. It feels like I’m in my backyard enjoying nature.

I had the privilege of going to their concert and meeting them. They’re great on tv but even better in person. It’s one of my favorite concerts!

Why it's Great Writing Music

When I put their album on, I started to feel joy and freedom. It gives you great vibes for writing young adult novels. It’s great music for teens. I feel like I’m in a park and I feel the wind blowing in my face. It does make you stress-free.

I mostly listen to this if I know it's going to be the part with my two love interest. It makes me feel like the romance is real. It makes it believable. You as a writer is able to make it more realistic and relatable.

Just us Kids is the definition of a young adult novel. If your novel involves teens, road trip, and summer. Definitely, add this song to your playlist.

Little Do you Know and Bumper Cars offer a beautiful ballad. You can never go wrong when its piano and guitars in the background. These songs are great for writing romance. It has that innocent young love feeling.

All for You is that dangerous love. Here are some of the lyrics:

Wanna steal your favorite car

Drive every mile 'til we pop the tires

No jail bars are ever keeping us apart

It's the way you keep me twisted

It's just how I like it to be

(You never know when to stop)

So if you wake up and see me on the news

I did it all for you

This song is powerful enough to help with character inspiration.

Take a listen to them. You won’t regret it!

Check them out on Spotify.

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

Published by Shannell Assem

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