Good Music for Writing with The Good Dinosaur

Good Music for Writing with The Good Dinosaur

Jul 8, 2016, 6:58:13 PM Entertainment

Despite the movie's sales and reviews, The Good Dinosaur offers great scores along with its animation. The music is composed by brothers Mychael and Jeff Denna.
It has a nice country vibe in the music.
There are times when the music would speak for itself when there's no dialogue. This album is one of my favorites to listen to while writing.
I'll point out a couple of my favorites. Starting with Orphans. The scene itself was kinda sad, but the ballads it offers is amazing. Running with the Heard has a great uplifting feel. Alro's vision is also one of my favorites. Then finally, Goodbye Spot. Words can't describe the beauty of this score! If you're ever trying to write a scene that involves a farewell... This is defiantly the track to listen to! Trust me, give this album a listen, and you'll be writing away.

 So hang on tight because we're writing something great!

Published by Shannell Assem

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