Light Collisions

Light Collisions

Oct 8, 2017, 2:34:02 PM Creative

Light Collisions - by Shannon Griffiths 

the stars and planets were somehow
not enough for us to light our desired path
because we are never satisfied until excess
is achieved

we created an artificial light source
so we were able to stay awake at night long after dusk,
so we were unable to feel the true aloneness that we are
we are scared of nature’s unknown capabilities,
so we deny it of any action;

this fear dictates our lives as our greatest weapon and demon.
we are so full of irony…
because now we have an empty night sky
and a longer day
which bores us, exhausts us, alienates us
and only thickens our feelings of aloneness

we have made our world hollow
the cosmic connection is lost;
we’ve forgotten what a light from above is like


Published by Shannon Griffiths

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