Planning To Write A Competitive Exam

Planning To Write A Competitive Exam

Jan 4, 2022, 7:24:04 AM News

Competitive exams are very much common in India, it is done by various boards, Government offices, banks etc to select aspiring candidates for respective jobs. To get a Government job in India, you have to pass a competitive exam. Competitive exams for some exams are done in two stages: preliminary and final and for some exams there is only one stage of exams. It varies according to posts. Generally there is a common pattern followed in these competitive exams like most exams are objective type with four sections consisting of General awareness, Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and General english. 

If you prepare very well you can easily crack one of these exams and get into a reputed position in government office.


Read Notification

When a notification comes for selection of candidates for various jobs, you must read the notification properly to understand age limit, what post is for, syllabus etc. what this examination is done is for selecting some officials for a government job, you have to be sure about whether you want to work for the post mentioned. If so then lets start working for it. Apply for the post before the date expires.


Understand Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus of the exam is the first thing you want to do while preparing for a competitive exam. You need to make sure that you know the syllabus properly, which all subjects are there, how much is their weightage, how much time each section has etc. Knowing this properly helps you to make a proper time table for study. 


Create A Time Table

Creating a timetable is the start of proper preparation for an exam, you shouldn’t copy anyone else's timetable, timetable is your own ladder to success. Your timetable should take your priorities into account. It should highlight your needs and wants. Don't make a timetable that you can’t stick on to. It destroys momentum from the start. Incorporate everything to study in topic with weekly revision, monthly revision and final revision. Make timetable that can easily occupy mock tests and practice tests as well,


Buy Quality Books

When you start preparing for competitive exams you need to do some research to find out which book is good for studying for respectiv exams. The Problem with books is that the market is flooded with competitive exams books. So it's your duty to find the best book, to do some research on the internet, ask last year's winners etc. 


E-learning Platforms

The Days of coaching centres are gone. Students are now opting for Entri, an E-learning platform for competitive exams. They provide courses by the best teachers for different competitive exams. Best thing about this kind of E-learning platform is that they are cheap, easily accessible and you can study at your own pace in your comfort. They also provide 100’s of mock tests and practice tests.


Revision Is Important

When you start to learn for competitive exams you will soon realize you are easily forgetting things that you learned a few days back, so it is a must that you do revision properly. Revision is most important as it will help you to successfully bring back things you learned to the brain's attention. 



Preparing for any competitive exam is a big task that could be easily pulled off with a proper plan, make sure you have a proper plan like this before starting preparation for the exam. A plan like this brings more confidence and responsibility in your hand and with all this power you can easily crack one of those competitive exams for sure. 

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