My Butt's Horror Story aka Free the Cellulite

My Butt's Horror Story aka Free the Cellulite

Cellulite. Most arguably the part of my body I hate the most. But why?

Magazines, advertisements, tv shows – they all want to tell me that there’s a cure. I just have to do certain exercises, use the right lotion, brush it away, roll it away, stop drinking, stop eating fats, sugar, carbs… Actually, just stop eating altogether. Okay. I follow all of this advice but when I turn around and take a look at my backside? Still there. And so I keep putting myself through that awkward situation with my butt frontally facing the mirror and me turning around while trying to hold my butt still, so I can scrutinize every single one of the horror’s unique characteristics. And after observing the depth, width and overall texture of every crater I decide to never ever expose this part of my body again. And so I’m left wondering.

Why does nobody else seem to look that way?

Well, apparently 90% of women face the same situation I do when looking into the mirror. So where are these women? They’re certainly not on TV, in movies, Ad campaigns and even social media (have you ever seen a pic on of your friends’ walls where you can see the women’s cellulite? Because I have not).  So why are women and everybody who exploits them so afraid of weak connective tissue? After all, it’s nothing but that. My butt’s nightmares are caused by my genes. So no escaping there. And that’s the freaking point. NO ESCAPING. I just have it. And trust me I have tried everything and yep, it’s still there.

So why don’t we just accept it as part of our bodies’ existence? Well, making women hate themselves and offering them the perfect solution has proven to be very profitable. And then at the same time the media makes it seem like nobody else has this problem so it needs to be hidden.

Neither should be a reason to back down. Instead, I say “FREE THE CELLULITE”!

It’s there, it’s ugly, but it’s an inevitable part of me so why not just accept it? I don’t need to rub it in other people’s faces but I have it and I shouldn’t feel the need to hide it. From now on I will face the horror and I will shower my butt with love and acceptance. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m really the only person who needs to accept this simple fact about myself. And if anybody ever dares to criticize me for that, they can walk right back out of my life.

End of horror story.

xx Shari 

Published by Shari Seeger

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