Five Ways Businesses Can Save on Water Bills

Five Ways Businesses Can Save on Water Bills

Jun 16, 2020, 10:38:55 AM Business

For any business out there, any way you can find yourself bringing bills down is always a good thing. It’s safe to say that one area most of us, no matter where in a company we work, don’t give much thought to is our water bills. While a good number of people working in offices only encounter water when going to make coffee in the kitchen, there are businesses all around us which use water in a unique way.


From your salon/barber to your favourite restaurant or café, to nearby factories, businesses can continually use water by the litre every day without much thought behind it. When a business finds itself suddenly paying too much for water bills, it can raise the question of whether you’re getting what you pay for.


Businesses need to know that it is easier than expected to bring bills down, and as an example, here are five ways any business can save on water bills:


●     Consolidate

●     Get “Smart” Meters

●     Shop Around

●     Have a Water Plan

●     Check what is included



For anyone running a business that is split across different locations, you should check with your provider if they offer consolidated billing options. It is common for a business owner to find a location locked into a specific tariff without realising it can vary from location to location.


If an owner expects water usage to be similar from location to location, asking to consolidate bills should see you get some wiggle room to bring tariffs in line across the board, which will bring bills down.


Get “Smart” Meters

You shouldn’t have to keep tabs on how much used, and yet so many business owners find themselves with one eye on the meter at all times. Just like consolidating to make life easier, ask your provider if they will help install a smart/ automated water meter.


These meters will keep track of usage and send the data straight to your provider. It’s one less task to keep track of and should help if your bills were previously working off an estimated rate.


Shop Around

As UK water retailer Castle Water points out, “you can…choose your business water and wastewater supplier in the same way as you can choose your energy or telecoms provider”.


This comes as a surprise to many people, but you have the right to switch water provider if you find a better deal. And a bit like trying to get a better deal on your phone contract, it helps if you do a little research and see what other providers offer, before getting in touch with your current provider.


They may bring your tariff down after just one phone call.


Have a Water Plan

Let’s say that your water supply just stopped working right now. Does your business have a plan in place that will help you get water without any significant interruption?


Emergency water sourcing comes with a considerable coast attached if your water provider doesn’t have contingency planning in place. Ask them if they have protocols in place for you in case of emergency, or at least have something included in your contract, which helps reduce risk. If they don’t, again, shop around and see if another provider will for the same price you’re currently paying.


Check what is included

Your water bill may state a simple figure you owe, but what additional services are hidden behind it. Ask your provider to state what’s included in your bill. It’s often the case that when a new company moves into existing premises, they inherit the water bill without really knowing what’s included and miss out on a range of additional services.


These can include:

●     Water audits

●     Leak repair

●     Wastewater removal help

●     Water recycling

●     Industrial cleaning


If you pardon the expression, you want to squeeze every drop out of the bill and ensure your business benefits as much as possible from paying your water bills.


And remember to tell everyone to turn taps off!


I hope you gleaned some useful information on how companies can save on water bills. Remember to let staff know that every drop counts and that if they act responsibly with water usage, it will help a business overall.

Published by Shashank Singh

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