Being Healthy with Pishu's, Mumbai.

Being Healthy with Pishu's, Mumbai.

With endless Instagrams of dinner plates and tweets about fad diets, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the nutrition noise online.


As obesity rises, awareness grows and more and more people take an interest in health and fitness. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, either to lose weight, get fit or improve wellbeing, there’s two things you could do really – 1.Broswe blogs and sites of the moment will help you to stay on track and realise, you’re not alone…0r 2. Head to Pishu’s.


A really small outlet in one of the lanes of Andheri, Pishu’s is totally a you-blink-and-miss-it thing. Two rows of plastic avant garde furniture, coupled with Digitalized graffiti on the walls is what constitutes this shop.

With a  lot of shakes, smoothies and juices on the menu, the place prides itself on using the best of ingredients and freshest fruits, to truly give a cleansing meal.


Magical Mulberry

The first smoothie was a mixture constituting Mulberry and Custard Apple, including leveraging their densities to give a layered appearance to the drink .

The dominant taste of the ripe fruit is sweet but usually somewhat bland, due to the high water content and low level of other flavoring ingredients, but a richer flavor develops if the fruit is dried; it can then be used as a raisin substitute. In recent years, with considerable work on cultivating the mulberry plants under various conditions, mulberry fruit juice has been commercially produced as a health beverage, and it has become very popular in China, Japan, and Korea.

India is certainly waking up to it, and to mix it with Sitaphal was an absolute masterclass. The smoothie starts with the dominant mulberry flavours, before bursting into chunks and liquids of smooth custard apple goodness. The layering on the drink, however, lend to a strange proceeding on the smoothie. Sometimes I got a blast of Sitaphal, and sometimes I hit Vanilla (which I don’t understand the need for in this drink). The mulberry was pretty heavy on the palate if the straw wasn’t low enough in the smoothie, DUH.


Walnut Brownie Shake

Brownies are an integral part of the menu here at Pishu’s, and this frosty, cool smooth whipped blended sweet creamy fantasy used the brownie flavors judiciously for a a very rich mouth feel. With undertones of Walnuts, the Walnut Brownie shake is a simply satisfying order.




Dutch Chocolate

The frosty coldness of the cup sucks the heat from my hand as I look down on the mass of chocolate cream. The straw is absorbed by the swirling mass, but still towers over the plastic lid. I contract the muscles in my mouth, as the chocolate goodness slowly crawls up the straw. Finally the luxurious chocolate cream rolled over my tongue as I slurped through the straw, desperate not to waste a drop of this heavenly drink.



Strawberry Cooler

Think radiant skin, hair, and nails. Supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to grow healthier hair and make your skin glow. Think Strawberries.

The cooler at Pishu’s kept me cool a couple of times toward the beginning, and practically lost its flavors halfway through the drink. It almost felt synthetic for a little while, before I discovered some Strawberry seeds in my drink. Yay. Evidence that Strawberries were used.

My advice would be – USE FRESH STRAWBERRIES. The freshness of the fruit or vegetables used is vitally important; this could really be the difference between a good smoothie and an amazing smoothie.


Blueberry Smoothie

We’re exposed to and bombarded by thousands of man-made chemicals in today’s world, which leaves our body begging to detoxify. Give your digestive system a break while adding detoxifying ingredients like blueberry  into your smoothies to aid your body’s detoxification processes.

The smoothie consists of a mix of blackberries and blueberries, and is blended with low-fat yogurt and ice, which creates a consistency that I would describe as easily suckable. While sucking, I was surprised to find seeds among the ice granules in both smoothie flavors, since it gets its “real fruits” via a puree.


Blueberries were the dominate flavor here.

*While at home, I really love adding stuff like kale and cabbage into my smoothies, it gives it some extra fiber and nutrition that will keep me going all day! I like to keep my smoothies simple, not too many ingredients and in this smoothie blueberries and bananas are the base.




Protein Salad

I was forced to change my weeknight dinner routine and jazz up it up with this protein-packed salad. A promising soya nugget centered concoction which hit the spot, and tasted amazing with a side order of hummus.

The Soya nuggets are really soft, and do no have that chewiness usually associated with a nugget. The crunchiness of the accompanying fibre added to the texture, but did not do so much for the taste.



Hummus Platter

Hummus to me usually tastes like slightly grainy peanut butter. And restaurants flavor it with anything they like. Lemon, garlic, red pepper, onion, or whatever.

The one here was surprisingly smooth, and I could clearly taste the mashed chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) and olive oil. Served alongside a crunchy salad with paneer and a crisp, savoury biscuit like thing. Do try this scooping it with toasted pita bread or veggies




Health Pasta

A complete Oxymoron, and the Moron dish of the night.

I am sorry, but it was simply among the worse Pastas I have had. Ever. I love Pasta in its various sauces. But when you try making Pasta healthy, it tastes like a canned food knock off. Imagine Pasta soaked in artificial butter oil, sauteed, assembled with vegeatbles with did not taste fresh. A whitish substance, cheese whiz or something, and a biscuit puck. Now, wait a few hours, microwave until completely indestructible, and serve to an unsuspecting consumer. It was malevolently bad.




Firangi Healthizza

Unlike the Pasta assault, this Pizza is designed to fill your body with wonderful, nourishing ingredients without ever sacrificing satiety or flavor. While everything is gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and optionally vegan, the pizza was  far more focused on what was put in than what was left out—we’re talking tons of sprouts, seasonal produce, herbs and spices, healthy fats and proteins, and more. I promise this did not taste as bad as it sounds, and it was definitely not bland, boring food!

A very nutritionally balanced pizza, which could be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or dessert. The base was a special crust made of oats, ragi, and other fibrous seeds ground together and baked to crispy perfection.




Cuppa Brownie

An assortment of brownie, fruits and vanilla ice cream. Pretty decent, and a fitting end to a meal with it’s share of hits and misses.


ALL IN ALL, go here if you like veg, healthy food.

Later’s, Gatorrs.


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