Cafe Zoe - Restaurant Review

Cafe Zoe - Restaurant Review

Long gone are the days when college-aged students only cared about wearing cool clothes and shopping with friends at the mall. Brunch is officially the new Millennial obsession. Millennials now spend more money on food than they do on events or clothing. They need to be certain they are paying for the most tasty, picture-perfect brunches. Millennials are swapping fancy cars and designer clothes for boast-worthy brunch experiences at old-school diners and hip bistros.With unstable incomes and speedy metabolisms, some Millennials feel that brunch is something that they can enjoy now before settling down to cribs and coupons. From Belgian waffles to gooey pecan-honey buns, brunch is a time for Millennials to indulge. It’s no secret — take a quick glance at your Instagram feed and you will likely see an array of mouth-watering plates of food trending with the #brunch hashtag.

The Gatorr was invited by Trell Mumbai for a brunch review at Cafe Zoe, and let’s see how it panned out😀


First Impressions

We all have that special, laid back place to go whenever we feel sad,angry,happy,romantic, hungry. In addition to being an exciting invitation that awakens the diner’s senses, a vivid setting can be deeply enmeshed in the walls and the vibes.

Cafe Zoe is that place.

Bang in the middle of Mathuradas Mills Compound, the entrance is laden with Graffiti which gives an almost amateurish feel on the outside. I completely had judged this place already. Was in absolutely no mood to walk into a “Candies” type place for brunch. A brief step inside changes it all. The Cafe is HUGE. Natural sunlight fills in the spaces. It looks beautiful. The sunlight flanked the paths in long, unbroken curves. We could put our heads into it and sift it about like seaweed in water. Up hanging on the ceiling were light bulbs like Pine Trees on a Mountain.




Among the Plethora of beverages on the table, I remember only so much –

The Mocha was a smooth, freshly brewed coffee which was strong but lacked any chocolate flavor. Quite ironic since chocolate is what differentiates between a mocha and a latte. LULZ. We called for a Cappuccino and a latte next. The difference between the cappuccino and the latte is mainly the amount of foam. Both of these were awesome as well, and I suppose they use high quality coffee beans here. Much much better then the coffee flavored water we get at Starbucks.

IMG-20160708-WA0021 - Copy

Oreo Smoothie was thick, but not lumpy, which is a general drawback at most places which sell Oreo shake. Too much Oreo cream with vanilla causes lumps to form in the drink, and fortunately, Zoe’s does not make a mess of this and spins out a decent Oreo shake. A crunchy granola smoothie occupied the table as well, and I suppose this was the tastiest granola based thing I have ever had. I hate commercial health stuff, and granola in particular. Oatmeal has never excited me in any manner whatsoever, but this drink did, as a result of which I highly recommend it.

IMG-20160708-WA0022 - Copy

Finally, I had called for a Kiwi Watermelon juice. This place allows you to mix fruit juices without any restrictions on the number of fruits to be mixed. I would suggest not mixing more than three, as then it would turn in to an epic mess. Watermelon is so refreshingly satisfying and packed with plenty of nutrients to revitalize the body.  The fruit consists of 92% water, making this an excellent diuretic and a very healthy fruit. However, most of the nutrition is in the rind. Therefore, you must juice the rind to receive the mineral and chlorophyll content.When you combine kiwi fruit to the juice you’re adding an additional amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and copper, needed to create energy. If this does not incite you to order this, I don’t know what will.

IMG-20160708-WA0020 - Copy


Out of the numerous iterations of egg based dishes, the Englishman typically is propping up the newspaper on the cruet set, pouring himself a coffee and considering Eggs Benedict for the best egg based dish of the year. And this finds good reason to do so. We are intelligent, trendy people. We do not like our eggs, bread, and meat separate. It shouldn’t be dry too. The one answer answer to all is a warm dish of eggs benedict, and the warm place to have it is Cafe Zoe.

Impeccably fresh, poached eggs are the centerpiece of this insta-worthy dish. Poached eggs are regularly ruined by restaurants, the center is too cold half the times with the outside too tough. This is an innate byproduct of poaching eggs in batches. Eggs require attention, attention requires exclusivity. Zoe understands this fact well and dishes out a very well done poached egg  with an english muffin as a bed. Hollandiase sauce binds the two and asparagus stalks are present for the added texture to those eggs.

The one problem I had with this dish (and many others), the lack of fresh bread.


IMG-20160708-WA0019 - Copy



Next was the MCT. A multigrain toast with mascarpone cheese smothered on it and a few dried cranberries for an added texture. I love mascarpone (who doesn’t), a mild and creamy fresh cheese with a consistency similar to soft butter or thick crème fraîche. It is kind of savoury, which is why a lot of dishes can be churned out of it. A drizzle of caramel sauce was observed, and it perfectly cut out the savoriness of the cheese. Cranberries were a tasteful addition as well, giving the dish the final touch after the sweet-savory-mouth-flavor-battle.  The Multigrain toast was kinda hard thou, and didn’t go along too well with the otherwise beautiful dish.




So, Burrata is an Italian cheese which is even finer than Mozzarella. It really is cheese at its flavorful best. At first glance, burrata resembles a ball of mozzarella. But upon further scrutiny, it’s clear that this round of cheese is softer, and indeed, when cut, has an interior that spills out, revealing soft, stringy curd and fresh cream. If you’re a lover of mozzarella, ricotta, or really anything that’s straight-up creamy, this cheese is so what you want.

Wow, Cafe Zoe had a Burrata so fresh, it exceeded my expectations for this dish. It was just so good. Again however, the bread tasted really unfresh and the brinjals were Indianised. An addition of peanut paste to the brinjal would have done a world of good, as well as making it a protein rich dish.

We had a Burrata with Mushroom toast as well, and the Mushrooms were very tasteful on that one.

Another Variation was the Burrata with a lentil pancake instead of toast, and I would recommend that just but I don’t like the bread quality here.


IMG-20160709-WA0005 - Copy


Now, Pumpkins are one of those versatile dishes which can be made into starters, main courses, and desserts. Almost like tofu, they lend an amazing flavor to any dish without taking any the main flavors from any ingredient. There isn’t much to write about this, apart from the sweet pumpkin mash on a stale toast with crunchy leaves. A garnish of feta proved to be non-existent in flavor.

( The stale breads were spoiling every dish.)



I also had a thin omelette, ricotta lettuce salad.



Now this was one super duper dish which got our whole table talking. It was soo amazing that we ended up ordering 4 of these.

P.S – I finally got a fresh bread.

The toast was drenched in maple syrup, to the point of it turning into a wonderful sponge cake. The fruits were really fresh, and included Mango, Kiwi, Orange, Banana, and a garnish of Almond. WOW. I am drooling as I write this, but it s criminal to eat a dish like this. The Maple syrup toast was the perfect companion to all these fruits, and surprisingly none of it tasted too sweet.




This right here, were the best smoked sausages I have had in Mumbai. The sausage snapped open just right, which is a very important characteristic of a good sausage. The flavors would dance around in your mouth before settling down to a lingering pork meat finish. Wood smoke was heavy on this one, almost woody, and perfect to be served along with whiskey in an English gentleman’s club. The only seasoning in the meat was of Black peppers, and perhaps some paprika, as anything more would prove to be redundant and spoil the flavors of this epic smokey sausage. A truly rich, savory taste.

The Bacon wasn’t so well done thou, and was served hard. Bacon is easy to cook , and difficult to master. Despite this, Bacon is Bacon no matter hard, soft, dry or cold.




One of the Best burgers I have had in my life. Like putting god on a bun. Buffalo Tenderloin, English sharp cheddar, fried egg. It’s a glorious burger with a patties, bacon, and a fried egg. Everything about it was perfect. The meat was insane thick, it was almost like a huge cut of tenderloin, and had a good char flavor. The egg was gooey in the center and melted over the burger when you bit into it. They chopped the onions and pickles into tiny little pieces so you got some with each bit. It had spices in the meat that weren’t spicy, but we’re spicy for the one second that you tasted them. Three days later, I am still fantasizing about this burger.


IMG-20160709-WA0002 - Copy




A warm, buttery and sweet smell flows though the air as hot, blueberry flecked pancakes reach the plates which they will be eaten on. Butter slides slowly down the pancakes, leaving a a think yellow trail behind it. Warm maple syrup is drizzled on them, covering the them in a brown, thick and sweet blanket. Silver forks quickly spear the there golden, blue polka dotted, fluffy bread. Quick as lightning they are put into someones mouth. As they sloly chew they can taste the butter, the blueberries, and lastly the maple syup.




I am going all out descriptive on this one.

Well, first of all, think of a very light chocolate pudding. Very light. No, you’ve got to think lighter than that. Think more in the lines of mocha-flavored whipped cream.

Now add in a little bit of body. Not heaviness, but substance — you know, the kind of fullness that rich foods feel like in your mouth. Except that it doesn’t taste rich, and it doesn’t stay in your mouth long enough to become cloying. It tastes, well, dreamy.

Then, imagine this very light almost-like-mocha-flavored-whipped-cream concoction on lady finger pastry soaked (no, more like “kissed”) with strong espresso coffee caviar. Got that? Light, creamy, smooth lady fingers, the rich aroma of strong coffee?

Okay, now add in just a slight bite on the tongue, and tantalizing hint of the liquor. Suddenly, you get a teeny explosion of chocolate on your tongue that disappears in a flash. Got all that? Good.

Now finally, imagine that you’re dressed in gossamer. You have delicate white wings and are sitting on a fluffy cloud. You are experiencing the greatest dessert ecstasy of your life. You are in Heaven, and Heaven is in your mouth!

^This is exactly how I felt while eating the Tiramisu at Zoe’s.



There were many desserts we ordered, and I was too full to taste them now. The following is hence kept very brief.

The first was a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Smooth and rich, heavy and yet so easy to swallow. Melts in your mouth and leaves you longing for just one more bite. Thenew york cheesecake was incredibly delicious and mouth watering. It was so melt-in-your-mouth, decadently delicious, I think we actually sparred for the last bite. The Banoffee Pie was cold and pretty unremarkable, and so were the brownies which were too doughy for my tastes.



IMG-20160709-WA0006 - Copy.jpg


All in All, this place is Gatorrecommended.

(P.S – Please work on the breads.)



Laters, Gatorrs.

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