Three's a Crowd

She and her boyfriend had been together almost four years now. The sex was getting really stale, and the relationship had been feeling a little stagnant for quite some time. They were young, mid-twenties, with their whole lives ahead of them, but they were comfortable together. Breaking up never really seemed to be an option.

His sex drive had always been higher than hers. She always enjoyed sex with him, more so early on in the relationship, but it didn't hold the same importance for her as it seemed to for him. And with the way things were going lately, she was afraid he'd get bored of her and cheat on her.

She tried a couple tactics to spice things up. She surprised him with lingerie when he got home from work one day, which he really seemed to like. But that fizzled out pretty quickly. Things went back to monotony the next day.

One day while she was preparing dinner, she looked at him with wide, curious eyes, and asked him if he thought of other women. She had been feeling less than confident lately, and really wanted this relationship to work. He stared back at her with a bit of disbelief at the blunt question, and shook his head convincingly no.

"Well," she said, "The reason I brought it up is because I was kind of curious about introducing someone new into the bedroom."

His eyes nearly fell out of his skull.

"I mean," she continued, "I wouldn't be opposed to being a little adventurous. It seems like something you might like. Would you?"

His eyes darted around the room, not quite sure of how to answer the question.

"Uh... I mean... Who... Who were you thinking?"

"Well I wouldn't want it to be anyone we knew. But I was kind of thinking we could just go out and if anyone struck our fancy, we'd just kind of see how it went?"

"I mean, OK, if that's what you want. As long as you'd be comfortable with that."

She looked down into the boiling pot of pasta and continued to stir. She was proud of how she caught his attention, but the mix of emotions she was feeling was a tad confusing. Still, she stared and the bubbling water as if the answer would pop up before her.

A week later, they were getting ready for the big night. She pulled on her sexiest, slinkiest dress which was a suggestive nude color, and he cleaned up quite nicely himself. They were a handsome couple, and were certain that if they found the right person, they wouldn't run into any disappointments.

She looked over at him, eyes still wide and curious, but this time filled with anxiety. She was having doubts. There were so many things that could go wrong. Like what if he fell in love with the other girl? She didn't really know how to feel, but at this point it was too late to turn back.

He fixed his hair in the mirror and caught her eyes in the reflection. He smiled silently and turned around to face her. He was more than excited. 

They left their apartment together and as she closed the door behind her to lock it, her heart sank a little deeper in her chest. 

They took a cab to one of the hottest new bars in NYC. They made a noticeable entrance upon arrival, sure to make themselves seen by the crowd of people by the bar. They sauntered up, ordered a few drinks, and grabbed a spot by a high top table, surveying the sea of people for anyone that caught their eye.

It didn't take long for a tall brunette, appearing to be by herself, to walk by the couple. She looked at him and he nodded in agreement, and when the brunette went back to her stool at the end of the bar, he walked over to introduce himself. After buying the girl a drink, he motioned over to his girlfriend, who gave a quick wave and a smile. The brunette blushed and nodded her head, and he took her by the waist and led her over to the table.

Oh shit. This is really happening. They're walking over here right now!

She took a deep breath before extending her hand kindly. She introduced herself to the beautiful stranger, and before she knew it they were all getting in a cab together.

The moment they were finished, the excitement and lust turned into shame and disappointment. At least for her. She couldn't fall asleep as easily as the other two apparently could. 

She looked over at her boyfriend, who was still holding this tall, svelte woman, and realized she had made a horrible mistake. She woke the two of them rather abruptly and asked the woman to leave. She called her guest a car, as a polite woman would do, and as soon as she shut the door behind her, she seized up and walked into the bedroom. 

He seemed confused, not understanding why she was acting this way. This was her idea, after all, and had he known it would end with tension her would have just said no. But he walked into the room after his girlfriend and proceeded to try and ease the discomfort.

As soon as he looked at her though, her eyes welled up with tears and she sobbed uncontrollably.  It was then that she knew she had to end this relationship, because she couldn't keep putting her feelings second. 

Published by Shawn Engel


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