10 Cardio Exercises You should do!

10 Cardio Exercises You should do!

Dec 7, 2016, 10:26:03 PM Sport


I have decided to list 5-10 great cardio exercises that anyone can do (depending on your health conditions and fitness level) - but are fun and will get your heart rate up! Now there is much more to this list than what I name off, so don't get upset if there is one you prefer and it didn't make my list, doesn't mean it sucks, leave it in the comments for others to look at. This particular list is a list of cardio exercises are not necessarily based on a "study" but more so based on what I have seen and liked myself - so it is biased but nothing I display is a "bad" exercise if done properly and with expert advice. Some of these exercises are displayed in your more popular fitness magazines and websites, so don't be shocked if you see one that you have seen before. Hopefully this will broaden some people's idea of cardio and get you pumped! Oh and some of these exercises don't involve running! 


  1. Jump rope
  2. Burpees
  3. Jump squats - good for strength and cardio
  4. Indoor Rowing machine
  5. Interval training
  6. Mountain climbers - I actually don't like this exercise, but it is a good one
  7. Jumping lunges
  8. High to low planks
  9. step up jump
  10. Running in place high knees

Oh and doing circuits, those can be made into some really good cardio workouts too!


So, like I have mentioned before this is just a short list of good cardio workouts, there are plenty more that are useful and just as good. I could have listed about 50, but wanted to keep the list short and sweet. In a future post I will list 50 good cardio workouts including what you see in this list , and some that maybe you have yet to hear of. Let me know if there is one on the list that you love or hate! 


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