Monday Motivation With a Twist - Nov. 28th

Monday Motivation With a Twist - Nov. 28th

Normally.. I spend my day away posting quotes on #MondayMotivation but today, I decided to come in with a twist and surprise everybody with something odd, but something worth noting. Since many of you may not know some of this and may not listen to my YouTube videos, I figured.. well I will spend some extra time on Monday and invest my time in teaching you something. Today's teaching is: what you put in, is what you get out of it. I will be the first to tell you, this whole month has been good for many reasons. Small reasons, maybe petty reasons, but reasons that made my day shine that much brighter. 

  1. I  write for the former editor of the muscle & Fitness magazine
  2. I can send in my pitches to the chief editor of muscle and fitness magazine
  3. I have had 2-3 different CrossFit Games competitors tweet me:) - I fangirled 
  4. I had a celebrity (musician) comment on my Instagram photos
  5. I have had Chris Hardwick (host of the talking dead) say my tweet live on his show
  6. I have had gotten many, many, many facebook friend request from people who have read my blog
  7. I continue to get subs and emails from people who support my writing 
  8. I have made some new gym buddies.. 
  9. I have met some rad bloggers on all my blog sites
  10. I love my YouTube subscribers, they make me smile 

I look back and say to myself, I got damn lucky! Many people have gotten way more and way less than me, but I continue to rise above. See, I used to think there is no way a magazine would want me to write for them, but I proved myself wrong. I used to think tweeting is stupid and nothing comes out of it, shit.. I was wrong. I used to think Celebrities don't honestly have time to comment on a fan's instagram, but that was wrong. I used to think.. people are weirdos for adding me on facebook! lol. that is still true! haha. jk

I didn't think someone would extend themselves to me at the gym and we would end up working out together, that is awesome. I didn't think I would have time to read other people's blogs because this was supposed to be about me, but I love it. I didn't think it would be a good idea to be on YouTube , but I am finding out, people want to see me grow. I am finding out so much about myself, the girl who started with 0 likes and followers on her blog, who struggled day and night trying to get someone to see me through a screen, to find my voice when I type.  My blog anniversary will be coming up sometime in December (which I will announce). I think to myself, I couldn't have gotten where I am now: without anger, tears, panic, research.. it took me so long to realize.. I have the power to change something but first I had to change my attitude. This MondayMotivation is to my growth, your growth, to my hard work, to your hard work, to my failures, to your failure and to our triumphs! 


Happy Monday Motivation Everyone


Your Fitness Blogger,





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