What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

With the Olympics have ended, I wanted to do a fun post because I thought well, I am going to be gone for a while after today, I will not be able to post while away because I will be too busy having fun! Typical of me, eh? I will be absent from blogging starting tomorrow up and until possibly Wednesday Sept 7th, and if I am back in town the 6th early in the day, then I will post at that time.  For those of you who want to know, I am going out of state to spend time with my partner for Labor Day weekend, and I am so very excited, I shall hopefully remember to take pictures and post them on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman/?hl=en


Feel free to follow my social media accounts, I normally post quite often on all of them and I typically always respond to emails and comments within a reasonable amount of time for the exception of this Holiday weekend away. I have my facebook page you may follow as well: https://www.facebook.com/ShayFitnessWonderWoman/ I always upload my blog post and pictures on there as well, not to mention I will soon be using it for other means for my fitness/health career, so stay tuned. I do have twitter and other social media accounts. I have been getting emails from people left and right and I will respond to all of those today since I will be away for an extended amount of time. I have had people ask me if they can add me on my actual facebook account and my answer to this is, I don't normally mind if you choose to, I typically am more cautious about who I allow on my actual Facebook account because it is rather private, and has information, people I know, etc .. so just keep that in mind if you send me a friend request. Also make me aware you are sending me one, so I know, I hate having to play private investigator searching the page to find out who the person is. LOL. 


Now, question of the day, for those who watched this year or previous years, what sport do you enjoy most watching? and why? during the Olympics. I would love to hear everyone's feedback, and for those of you who do not watch the Olympics or have no interest in sports, what is something you watch, and enjoy?:


I did not watch the Olympics this year, In the past I have enjoyed watching the track events (sprinting) and basketball, although I just think it is mere amazing the talents all the athletes have! I also like watching the "Walking Dead", which I have already missed like 2-3 episodes of the newest season already *Frown Face* and I like watching American horror story :D (lady Gaga was amazing). Oh and secretly I am a "Bob's burgers" kinda comedy girl LOL, that cartoon is amazing! haha. I will not deny it, I miss a lot of my older cartoons I used to watch as a kid (my life as ginger, rugrats, thunder cats, courage the cowardly dog, bowinkle, catdog, zee, ed edd and eddy, The Ren and Stimpy show, 2 stupid dogs, Cow and Chicken, Hey Arnold, Daria, Rocket power, Invader Zim) among other awesome ones. ugh now everything is so weird and not as good anymore.  If I am "adulting" I will watch criminal minds or law and order SVU, but I hardly like to adult.  


Leave comments! && Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!


Your fitness blogger, 

Shay-lon xoxo

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