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So after an invite from the My Trending Stories team, I am happily joining this work with that of my original blog, Disappear From Reality So for more from me check me out on wordpress or on twitter. Now to the bio part. 

First off, biographies, about me's, etc: not my thing. I can't really do them and feel really weird doing them. Thankfully, I'm also not the only person like that. 
So to begin, you can probably tell I'm a bit weird. Being normal is far too boring for me. Why waste my time worrying if other's think I'm different or weird after all? I stand by being yourself a lot. 
My work on here will hopefully speak for itself as I grow, but I mostly talk about books, post my own works from poetry to stories and of course write reviews. Books are my priority, but I'm always up to doing more. I also take the chance sometimes to talk about topics that are important to me like mental health and world events. 

A few facts about me: 
The world of writing is my safe haven in the world where while not everything always goes right, I can still maneuver it happily almost every single time. I couldn't live without the chance to write up story ideas at least every once and awhile. 
I'm currently seventeen getting ready to finish up my grade 11 and head into my last year of high school. I also partake in the International Baccalaureate program at my school. 
Lastly, I'm an Aries. Not sure what else to say at the moment actually, probably I'll end up adding to and editing this constantly. 

Any questions, requests, etc for me feel more than free to ask! I'd love to hear from any readers and fellow writers out there. Best discussions always come out of that I find. That is all for now though! 

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