Review: Broken by Dean Murray

Review: Broken by Dean Murray

13331218Adri Paige is too busy dealing with the emotional fallout from losing half of her family to deal with boys. At least she thought so until the two most intriguing guys in her new school take an interest in her.

Both boys are gorgeous and blessed with obscene amounts of money. They should have the emotional depth of note cards, but instead display undercurrents she doesn't fully understand. Rumors the pair destroys peoples' livelihoods seem ludicrous until she gets caught in the crossfire and her family almost loses their home. She's increasingly unsure either boy is really human, and their rivalry is rapidly turning deadly.

1 star


I don't like when books disappoint me. This one? I'm not even sure how I managed to finish it. I think by the end it was sheer stubbornness. I don't like adding books to the DNF list, so far I haven't had the need to post any DNFs here. Although I have a few slow reads, that's just it, the style of book calls for me to take my time.

All I know for sure, Michelle is going to be pissed I managed to read this book disappointment before Orphan Queen. She will be less than pleased. I better get to that.

Anyways where do I begin?

I didn't mind the beginning. The idea wasn't the most original, but I'm finding wit h werewolf books, you just can't always win. I didn't mind the writing. I will admit the style was immature, that was more or less to fit the main character though...I hope. Okay, I'm not sure, but yea. The beginning portrayed a teenager trying to cope with the trauma of losing half of her family. Dealing with PTSD and panic attacks was an interesting bit, because it was realistic. Murray portrayed those difficulties well, he didn't just brush them off as something silly which I appreciated. Otherwise those, most things were a bummer of wasted potential.

Two guys, obviously mysterious, a small town with not-so-friendly inhabitants towards outsiders. Not original, but I still like it so I decided to brush that off at first. Now I just don't care. It could have been done better. The explanation behind it was silly and stupid. It rendered every single teenager in the book immature, thoughtless and without any depth. As were most of the characters. The only one I liked, I barely got to see for most of the book in a nice light. The other guy, he's fake as can be and our main character Adri is just too desperate to see it.

So love interests? giphy1

Maybe our plot and the whole supernatural aspect will be good?! No. No it won't. It will be dry and not thought out and based off a legend that I could have come up with in a dream and that's it.

Desperate, juvenile and immature. I mean, no parents at all are present here. I can understand Adri having a missing mother, but every kid in this town that's a bit off just seems to be on their own here. Not to mention the money, rich people in a small town pulling strings, yada yada yada. Then add in some bitchy fake people. A stupid, helpless girl that can't get who she loves straight. Literally jumping from one arm to the next with the snap of my fingers.

The other word I'm looking for here? Predictable. I like a challenge. I want to be left sitting on the edge of my seat when I'm trying to figure out what's going on, what I'm not being told. Instead I was sitting back and yawning guessing every single litle thing that the author made out to be a big deal when Adri figured it out. That's not called smart, that's called common sense in connecting dots. Shitty secrets + shitty characters.

It most likely does not help that this book did remind me of Twilight, as mentioned in some reviews I took a peek at before reading it. Worse version actually. I was younger, but I was able to enjoy Meyer's books a lot more. This was just me trying to mow through a book for the sake of the review writing. In which I am now getting more and more mean. Oops.

Now this is devolving from the 1 1/2 stars back down to 1. Man this bites.

To wrap this up, nothing really impressed me well enough in the end of this book. Finishing it in the end was just for the sake of proving myself right about how it ended and seeing if Murray pulled anything interesting out of his hat. No. It wasn't just so you know. Predictable is the common word here sadly.

It was a disappointing book and I don't recommend reading it. I hate to do that. But honestly it was a waste for me, I'm just happy I read quickly so I didn't waste much time on it.

So this has been my first 1 star rating...The day had to come I suppose.

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