Electric car charging stations designed as Drive-in in Los Angeles

Electric car charging stations designed as Drive-in in Los Angeles

Jun 13, 2021, 3:38:12 PM News

Images courtesy of Woods Bagot

The future is electric mobility and the Los Angeles studio Woods Bagot has imagined a system of charging stations for electric cars that look like a spectacular Drive-In. They will call this project "Re-Charge LA" which represents a hypothesis of electric mobility as an opportunity to reinvigorate and revolutionize the sustainable future of the world's cities.

Los Angeles studio Woods Bagot envisions a future of electric mobility. The "Re-Charge LA" project consists of a system of electric car charging stations that resemble a spectacular Drive-In for the community. 

Images courtesy of Woods Bagot

Christopher Hawthorne, Chief Design Officer for the City of Los Angeles said that Woods Bagot is happy to participate in a pump-plug symposium that seeks and explores creative solutions to urban, architectural, and environmental challenges and opportunities arising from the transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. 

Designers of Woods Bagot also explain that Petrol stations and automobiles occupy a particular place in the cultural imaginary of the West, especially in Southern California. From Ed Ruch's photos and photomontages to memorable movie scenes, Los Angeles' numerous Hollywood landmarks will turn into modern gas stations around the city.

Highlights of charging station

  • It provides a foldable digital screen during the day, transforming the under-mounted car canopy into a movie screen for watching movies in the car at night. During the day, the screen acts as a screen.
  • On weekends, food trucks can be parked on the patio for street food fairs.
  • When it gets dark, the station can be turned into a car theater. The studio has suggested that the courtyard could also be used to host a collection of classic cars that connect the cultural history of California cars to the next generation of cars.
  • Woods Bagot added a modular floor to the design to prepare for future developments in technology that will enable offline charging. Currently, electric vehicles must be connected to an energy source for charging.

Images courtesy of Woods Bagot

Wrapping up

The new electric mobility raises several questions about the future of our cities. The first research of Woods Bagot focused on urban, landscape architecture, and cost center design along with a focus on potential public services. The idea is to spur the city to move closer to the future of petrol station sites, with particular attention to remediation, environmental justice, and potential conversion into housing. Hence the idea of ​​making electric car charging stations into drive-ins aimed at the community. Housed in the historic Bradbury Building, Los Angeles Bagot Woods Studio is part of the NeueHouse, a private workspace and cultural hub for creators, innovators, and influencers. Built-in 1893, the Bradbury Building served as an office building when completed and became a National Historic Landmark in 1977. The Los Angeles-based team worked to Re-Charge LA to improve citizen services.

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