A Facility Inspection App with No Coding? Yes, it’s Possible!

A Facility Inspection App with No Coding? Yes, it’s Possible!

Sep 23, 2021, 11:01:01 AM Business

Is it important for you to have your own facility inspection app to keep track of all the workplace, health, and safety checklists you must complete? You can now get this software at a reasonable cost without incurring the expense of additional IT resources. When you use the CloudApper no-code platform, you can build applications to perform facility inspections in any sector. You can save up to 75% of the time spent on these forms with facility inspection software when compared to dealing with paper forms.

Why Facility Inspection is Important?

Many essential periodic inspections are carried out throughout the course of a building’s construction, refurbishment, and service life. Every organization and every business is obliged by law to conduct an inspection of the technical installations in the building they operate in. Inspecting a substance or object establishes whether or not it is the appropriate amount and quality, as well as whether or not it meets the relevant or stated criteria. Consider inspections to ensure compliance with fire safety, OSHA, legionella, and asbestos regulations. Every nation has its own set of requirements for quality and safety in the workplace. As a construction consultant, engineer, facility manager, or owner, you have a significant impact on the development of these specifications. These audits will be carried out on a monthly or annual basis by either an internal or external inspector. The majority of the time, the inspectors utilize paper forms.

Create a customized inspection application without having to code.

On an annual basis, hundreds of facility inspection companies conduct thousands of inspections at properties all across the United States. Most of these businesses continue to rely on paper-based inspection forms when they could instead utilize CloudApper’s drag and drop app builder to develop a unique facility inspection app tailored to their specific needs without the need for any coding expertise. Pre-developed app templates for the facility, safety, and maintenance management are also available from CloudApper for customers that need to get up and running quickly.

Inspectors may collect data digitally on a tablet or mobile device from any place. Incorporating a mobile app for facility inspection may eliminate the need for all paper inspections while also providing all the advantages of using a digital system in its place. Parts of the test cannot be skipped, and questions that are repetitive are not displayed. In fact, images may be uploaded immediately and preserved digitally in a central repository.

Inspection of the equipment

Everyday companies deal with a large number of safety and maintenance inspection forms. Every day the maintenance team checks the condition of all of the facility’s machines, equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting fixtures. You will be astounded by the professional-looking and well-organized reports that can be produced with CloudApper applications. These reports may be utilized to get a thorough understanding of statistical data. When you discover something that needs to be fixed, you can create a work order with photos and a checklist, which will automatically appear in the maintenance staff member’s app, after which action will be taken to resolve the issue. Work instructions are no longer susceptible to misinterpretation since, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Inspection for safety

A safety inspection is a structured and well-documented procedure for detecting risks in the workplace. It is done by a qualified professional. For example, fire alarm systems must be inspected. Fire alarm systems are expected to assist in the protection of people, property, and assets. However, simply looking at them will not reveal whether or not they are fully operational. Electronics and other components may deteriorate with time, just like any other system, posing a threat to the system’s operation and functionality. It is possible for dust, grime, and other pollutants to cause issues with smoke detectors. Fortunately, regular testing, inspection, and maintenance can ensure that your fire alarm system continues to operate at peak performance levels. Not only does keeping your system in good working order ensure protection, but it also helps you save money by preventing out-of-budget emergency repairs and costly false alarms from occurring. Hospitals, health care institutions, and hotels that use these systems are subjected to examination by safety inspection firms. Create a safety inspection checklist with CloudApper Apps and capture and document everything in one place with CloudApper Apps now available!

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