Church Facility Management – A Software Solution

Church Facility Management – A Software Solution

Jul 28, 2021, 9:10:22 AM Business

Managing and maintaining a faith based organization building like church facility can be a lot of work! Visitors like to gather in a space that is clean and maintained. Luckily, many churches rely on volunteers and staff who provide the support and church facility management software to maintain the facility. Today, we will discuss some ideas and software that might help the facility management process.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Each building should have a regular maintenance schedule, whether that’s a monthly building inspection, fire extinguisher checks, or an HVAC filter replacement. Create a list of the work that needs to be done regularly and find the frequency that works best for your group.

Involve the Community

Another great way to help with all of the work that needs to be done is through volunteers and members. If there is a large project that needs to be done or several mini-tasks, ask for help from your church members—plan half-day volunteer events with a list of tasks that can be helped out with.

Maintain Inventory and Location

Always have a full list of all of the spare parts, from audio equipment to extra chairs. Put it in an excel spreadsheet or, better yet, use CloudApper Facilities to manage where all of your excess inventory is and how much you have in stock. It’ll come in handy when others need to know precisely where things are!

Be Sustainable

Churches are a lot like other facilities and should practice energy-efficient facility management. This could be turning off lights when people leave the building or creating a regular schedule for when the HVAC unit should be turned off or on depending on the season and weather outside.

Emergency Training

Whether it is church employees, members, or volunteers helping with facility maintenance tasks, emergency training is essential for everyone. Training them on how to react in case of an emergency situation like fire or earthquake minimizes the chance of deadly incidents. It is also crucial that safety training like handling hazardous chemicals for cleaning, heavy equipment, or power-equipment is essential to ensuring a safe event free from accidents.

Church Facility Management Software

We all know that there’s a fair number of challenges and events utilizing church space, from worship to weddings or town hall meetings. An organization tool like facility management software might help make life easier for church management. It can help keep track of different types of assets that belong to the church, schedule maintenance tasks, and assign work orders to volunteers. Above all, it can provide instant access to church facility details and emergency procedures to maintain safe and comfortable spaces for everyone.

Almost every church in America has a facility of its own. They have to host all sorts of events and community gatherings; thus, these facilities need to have a proper strategy and tools to keep them fully operational. Facility Management Software by CloudApper is an easy to use solution that can help with effective utilization, scheduling, and planning combined with the care, maintenance, preventive maintenance, and life cycle planning.

Originally posted on CloudApper 16 February 2021. Author Shaon Shahnewaz.

Published by Shayur Maharaj

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