How to comply with safety standards in order to avoid penalties

How to comply with safety standards in order to avoid penalties

When having a business, it is of utmost importance that all safety standards and regulations are adhered to. In doing so, not only is it for the benefit and safety of your employees but also to avoid penalties from OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gives fines to companies that perform willful violations of safety rules, especially when such violations of safety rules can result in serious physical harm and death. Such fines and dangers are, however, easily avoidable through the compliance of safety standards.

Simple and Easy Steps to Complying with Safety Regulations

It is important to first and foremost learn all the published safety standards and regulations so that one knows exactly what needs to be adhered to. Safety standards are specific according to each industry. The OSHA requires all companies, regardless of the industry, to maintain a safe workplace. There are, however, standard regulations that every business needs to comply with such standards that cover factors such as hazardous tools, first aid, and safety kits, safety exits, etc. On top of this, companies need to adhere to safety standards that are specific to them.

Good Reasons to Comply with OSHA

Complying with the regulations set out by OSHA will enable companies to develop safe and effective health and safety policies. Employees/frontline workers are given the opportunities to respond proactively to any incidents that they come across. By adhering to safety standards, companies are able to optimize the use of cost-effective digital tools.

Compliance Made Easy

Adhering to safety standards does not need to be a tedious task as there are applications such as Safety Assure that allow for companies to establish a safer workplace without the burden of lengthy administration. Through this application, employees are able to record incidents, accidents as well as near misses from the mobile device. This enables companies to not only avoid OSHA penalties but also lower operational costs and lengthen the lifespan of the equipment. When employees record such incidents, they are able to capture photos and videos and upload them onto the app and create a visual library in real-time. This ultimately results in a decrease in workplace injuries.

When complying with OSHA standards, it is important to have a good hold on your companies’ audit management and incident management. Maintenance management and training management allows companies to cut overall maintenance costs and set training schedules on workplace safety compliance. These actions are easily possible with an application such as Safety Assure that allows companies to record and update maintenance issues, identify work and training strategies, and work on them all from your mobile device.

To be able to comply with safety regulations and OSHA standards means that your company is able to avoid fines, grow in your respective industry, and succeed.

Originally appeared in CloudApper on 18 August 2020. Author Shaon Shahnewaz.

Published by Shayur Maharaj

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