How to Ensure Safety Compliance for Your Business from Your Mobile

If you have your own business, then you know that it is crucial to ensure safety compliance

How to Ensure Safety Compliance for Your Business from Your Mobile

If you have your own business, then you know that it is extremely crucial to ensure safety compliance, so that operational activities are conducted safely. It is, in fact, a legal requirement that your business is run in a safe environment and that all your employees are kept safe at all times. It can also be said that the level of safety within and around your workplace can either negatively or positively affect your company’s ability to attract new clients, build new network relationships as well as maintain already existing relationships with your clients. Many companies are challenged with the task of ensuring that every employee is safe and, more importantly, that every member is committed to maintaining the overall safety of the company.

A Few Key Points to Ensure a Safe Working Environment

It is important to be knowledgeable about relevant safety compliance standards and to be fully committed to the management of safety compliance. In order to adhere to the safety standards that are applicable to your company, the right system needs to be in place to ensure health and safety compliance. It is important to invest time and money into strategies that will enable your company to comply with safety standards to avoid any penalties or legal ramifications. You need to constantly be monitoring and reviewing all feedback, complaints, and measures that are put in place to ensure health and safety compliance.

A Simple Way to Ensure a Safe Working Environment

Doing all of this can sound like a task that is tedious and consists of a lot of admin, but it does not need to be. One can easily monitor all health and safety management from a single application, such as Safety Assure, on your mobile device. Safety Assure is an application that helps companies establish a safer workplace without the administrative burden and allows employees to log incidents, accidents, near misses, and observations of hazards from their phones. Employees are able to maintain compliance with safety standards, which results in the saving of medical costs as workplace injuries/recurring workplace injuries are reduced due to the identification and reporting of root causes, risks, and hazards. Because this application is on an employee’s phone, they are able to quickly and easily capture photos and/or videos and store them along with the incidents and accident records.

As previously mentioned, it is important to have a good knowledge base on safety standards. This is easy with an application that enables you and your employees to stay up to date with the various regulations, such as OSHA and ILO, that are applicable to your business.

How Does This Work?

Employees are able to record incidents/accidents that will contribute to incident management and which in turn allows for audit/inspection management. The application also allows for health management. The training of employees, as well as the establishment of a knowledge base, is simplified by such an application. This application also allows for the reporting and analysis of health and safety compliance.

When trying to effectively comply with safety standards, it is also important to monitor and manage all compliance policies, procedures, meetings, and training. When doing so, it is important to do so from a single platform that allows you to store videos, tutorials, notes, and documents. This makes for the easy and simple monitoring of all safety and health compliance.

Originally appeared in CloudApper 14 August 2020.

Published by Shayur Maharaj

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