Insights Every Facility Manager Should Be Aware Of

Insights Every Facility Manager Should Be Aware Of

Jul 1, 2021, 9:09:10 AM Business

For companies with diverse and distributed operations – retailers, manufacturers, transportation, and logistics – facilities management is a must for efficient cost and operation management. But to be successful, facility managers need to be well informed in order to reduce unnecessary costs without affecting the performance of core operations. In today’s post, we will discuss six insights that every facility manager should be aware of.

Workplace Experience

Together with Marketing, HR, and IT units, Facility Managers need to identify ways to create seamless organizations that provide similar workplace experiences, virtually and physically, whether the worker finds themselves at the office or not.

Technology Adoption Rate

Facility Managers need to work closely with the end-user to examine how the introduction of new technologies will affect the workplace, their ways of working, and their perception of Facility Services.

Communication Barriers

Facility Management and IT professionals need to find ways to collaborate and develop mutually supportive workplace strategies to avoid eventual conflicts. This could include the fast-tracking of standard IT solutions, reducing communication barriers, or aligning conflicting messages from senior executives.

Data Protection

Facility and Corporate IT professionals must develop robust security solutions, making sure that the workplace, company, and personal data are protected.

Operational Optimization

As part of the team defining how the core organization promotes productivity and efficiency in the future workspace, Facility Managers need to identify their role in the collection, management, and analysis of data, and to be attuned to worker’s needs and organizational requirements for strategic agility and flexibility.

Facility Optimization

To know how and where to optimize facilities and the future workplace, facility managers must efficiently collect data and conduct analyses on the basis of transparent and strategically aligned KPI frameworks.

Every Facility Manager should develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy to collect, manage, and analyze all facilities management information. A facility management application can help facility managers with this, and provide important insights. Facilities management leaders should establish a regular habit of reviewing these insights to refine and hone their vision.

Originally posted on CloudApper on 28 October 2020. Author Shaon Shahnewaz.

Published by Shayur Maharaj

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