Simplify Facility Management with Mobile Apps

Simplify Facility Management with Mobile Apps

Sep 16, 2021, 8:25:06 AM Business

CloudApper Facilities, a solution to simplify facility management with mobile apps. It helps FM’s organize, control, and coordinate the strategic and operational maintenance of buildings and various other facilities. These solutions can also assist managers in collecting all service-related data and managing field workers more effectively.

Let’s review some features of CloudApper Facilities that simplify facility management with mobile apps:

Automating processes of work order Automation eliminates people from the process and ensures that nothing is missed or neglected. FM mobile app allows you to create, edit, track and automatically communicate work orders for your facility.

Effective communication The great number of people working in close proximity to one another in the case of multi-tenanted facilities maximize the emphasis needed on effective communication between occupants, workers, and managers. FM applications help you maintain permanent contact with employees and subcontractors and help you delegate tasks in real-time based on schedules of work.

Collect, organize and access information These mobile facility management apps help employees to collect data from the field and help managers arrange and streamline all maintenance activities and tasks for their teams. With the help of mobile apps, field workers can collect data such as important notes, file survey/maintenance forms on the go, customize forms as needed, capture photographs for authentication, collect signatures, and even record and process QR codes.

Predict future part inventory requirements, It is absolutely essential that there are spare parts and supplies around the time during a major preventive maintenance schedule. Inventory management powered by facility management software can assist in identifying parts needed for specific tasks, ensuring their availability when work orders are due, and reorder parts from suppliers.

Back-office systems integration Mobile applications-based FM solutions can also integrate the data collected with ERP/CRM/FMS back-office systems and to ensure compliance, correct billing, and accurate payroll. Facility maintenance

It is much easier to simplify facility management with mobile apps. It helps maintain and manage the buildings and facilities anywhere. CloudApper Facilities software solutions can also be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. So it’s time to get started!

Originally posted on CloudApper 30 July 2021. Author Shaon Shahnewaz.

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