The Paperless Way of Work Order Management

The Paperless Way of Work Order Management

Sep 21, 2021, 9:09:37 AM Business

Many of us want to save resources and going green, but at what cost? The cost of going paperless with work order management when it comes to CloudAppers facilities is dwarfed by the benefits. You have a web-based paper-free system that frees you from paper instead of piles of forms and papers.

When using CloudApper Facilities for work order management, the overall goal is to automate functions. This removes the need for a paper trail and minimizes administrative tasks to increase efficiency throughout your organization and increase ROI.

  • By cutting off manual processing steps, time, energy, and resources are saved.
  • It allows everyone to connect, whether it is a tenant, an employee, or management, to submit requests for a work order and to manage how they are done.
  • Preventive maintenance items without paper or calendars can be scheduled through automatic work orders.
  • Because our system is cloud-based, there is no need to print work orders or reports since it is accessible anywhere from any computer, smartphone, or tablet at any time.
  • When a company’s lifeblood is no longer paper, there are numerous benefits. In a paperless office,
  • E-Mail is a substitute for printing, sending snail mail, and shipping documents to employees or vendors, cutting postage costs and eliminating paper purchase budgets.
  • Your documents can be distributed through various filing cabinets in a paper-heavy office, in various rooms to make information at the fingertips in seconds a reality.
  • Multiple people can access, update, and share a central, web- and cloud-based management system from any location.
  • When information is kept on cloud computers, the risk of losing important documents is reduced.
  • With electronically stored information, workers in various facilities and vendors have access without the need for multiple copies of documents floating around. This increases efficiency and employee morale.

The lean operating approach of today has never made work order management software more important. A paperless and ‘green’ process approach to operations leads to far less paper, filing, and printing.

In the earlier days, you might have begun to wonder how many trees have been sacrificed to enable the paper-powered process of your organization, but the real green to think about is the money saved by CloudApper CMMS because of the improved efficiency, reaction speeds of your department and reduced costs for repair, downtime, and increased ROI.

For more information on the facilities and how the CloudApper works to save paper, time, and effort in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your department, contact us today or try our 14-day free trial.

Originally posted on CloudApper 11 August 2021. Author Shaon Shahnewaz.

Published by Shayur Maharaj


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