Subwoofer Cable Placement Guide

Subwoofer Cable Placement Guide

Oct 14, 2021, 10:21:42 AM Tech and Science

Step 1. Revealing Your Purpose If you come home from work and wear a new $ 1,500 dress, you need to feel more comfortable. Jeans and T-shirts

Step 2. Find your desired listening position. And if it's on a bench, you want your partner to make the most of the subwoofer cable. It is in between these two listening modes.

Step 3. Purchase sturdy foldable pillows and blankets for added stability. Find out more immediately. (Why not just the last square or square?) See Appendix A below

Step 4. If your subwoofer cable is too long or your RCA cable is good. Connect the cable to the subwoofer cable. The subwoofer cable should work at ear level while listening. Never sit while listening. Therefore, make sure the subwoofer cable is facing the TV or receiving unit. Also make sure the amplifier is plugged into an outlet.

Step 5. Insert a pillow/ blanket, etc. You can also place it on a stable surface where you can hear the sound of the subwoofer cable so that it does not hit the back wall when it hits the sofa. Otherwise, make better decisions. Remember nothing is stable ...

Step 6. Place the subwoofer cable almost over a pillow/blanket and raise your ears above a regular seat.

Step 7. Playback the section of your favorite movie that you want to highlight by playing bass music (although it is dynamic in the low and mid frequencies) or during normal listening/viewing.

Step 8. Get on your knees and literally run around the room, being careful not to go behind the speaker, HDMI, or RCA cables, and move the subwoofer back to where it was originally installed. While listening to the wall, move to or away from the outside wall or center of the room. Always remember that you want to know the low-frequency output will be smooth. But do not forget that you hear s-m-o-t-h, even if the arrow from one note is not yet spreading. The sound is normal, extending to low and medium.

Step 9. The position you see maybe the side wall next to the listening position, the front wall. Or even behind / beside / in front of your room. Remember where your head is. The subwoofer is at the edge of this place. If for some reason the place is not suitable for placing a subwoofer. Next, you need to find the best compromise. Put something on the ground as a symbol, memorize all these places, walk quickly, bend over and listen everywhere in the best sound perception. Choose a location that suits your aesthetic.

Step 10. During various listening sessions, place the subwoofer in the best possible position. And you're ready to go back to listening mode and enjoy your new liquid subwoofer with no room for loud and roomy sounds!

Appendix A: Placing the subwoofer at ear level is easy in your listening position using a solid object such as a coffee table, but this is not the best option. I think about it; If you are using something hard to put the subwoofer into listening mode, change the sound path and move the subwoofer from point B to point A. When you turn on the sub, you are suggesting something in "No reality." The subwoofer is not rigid in the last position of your body and does not reflect. Therefore, anything under the subwoofer cable at ear level should not reflect light. Pillows/blankets, but if someone throws a new favorite glossy subwoofer on the floor. Ripperonline offering the best quality of the Dahua 6mp.

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