I wish you Abundant Okiru: An open letter to my Niece and Nephew.

I wish you Abundant Okiru: An open letter to my Niece and Nephew.

To my Niece and Nephew: I wish you Abundant Okiru

Abundant: 1 A: marked by great plenty (as of resources) <a fair and abundant land>

              B:  amply supplied:  abounding <an area abundant with bird life>

                        2:  occurring in abundance:  ample <abundant rainfall> abundantly adverb

  1. John 10:10- The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.


Footnotes: John 10:10 Or have abundance


Okiru: Japanese word.  Meaning: to get up; to rise; to wake up; to sit up; to happen; to occur


Gwynnie the Pooh and Wesley too,

      I remember the days that your mommy and daddy told your uncle Brian and I the news that changed our lives: You were coming. The anticipation was killing us, your Aunt Shelley especially. I mean 9 months is a long time to wait for you to come out and play. The days that you were born will always be remembered by me as the days that changed my life and gave me and love unlike anything I have ever known and a motivation to be the best aunt in the world for you two.

          You are too young now to understand this letter, and I am fully aware of that. My hope is that when you are older, you will read this letter and understand the things that I wish for you. My other hope is that you will want the same things for yourself just as badly; if not more than I want it for you.

I wish you Abundance- As much as I love to buy you a present every time I see you; Stuff Abundance is not what I am talking about. There will be a day where all the stuff in this world will go away, even the presents Uncle Brian and I buy you. Therefore my hope for you (and I, because this is a hard lesson to learn), is that you do not trust in stuff, but that you, my sweet niece and nephew will trust solely and completely in the eternal stuff that only Jesus Christ can give you.

          The world is a tough place to live in. You’ll learn things that you wish weren’t true and that are hard truths to accept; But there is one lesson that I hope you will come to learn and love and that is this: that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and that He was born of a virgin named Mary, He came and lived a perfect, sinless life, and then He died on a cross for the sins of the world (including and not limited to the two of you), that you might come to have a personal relationship with Him in a place called Heaven.

          When the day comes (oh how I hope that it will come) that you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord of your life, God automatically gives you a promise that you will get to spend ETERNITY in Heaven with Jesus. I know that your Mommy and Daddy will be in Heaven one day and so will your Uncle Brian and Aunt Shelley.

           I can’t wait to spend eternity with you, my loves.

When you understand what it means to know and have a relationship with Jesus, a funny thing happens sometimes. It doesn’t happen right away, and more often than not it is constant struggle, at least for your Aunt Shelley, you focus more of the eternal and less on the temporal. So my first wish for you is that you will have abundance and that you will tell others of the abundance that you have been given through Jesus.

I wish you Okiru- As I mentioned before, this world is a tough place to live in. As I am writing this to you, the city of Dallas (Where your Aunt Shelley and Uncle Brian live) is still reeling from the deaths of 5 police officers 11 days ago. Just yesterday, 88 people were senselessly killed in France. We live in a fallen world, sin and death are EVERYWHERE.

My other wish for you is that you will have a heart for people and the needs of the people who you come across and those around the world that are going through unspeakable pain. I hope you both will grow up to see the hurt of those around you, and you can’t help it but to want to help. I hope that you will have it in your heart to rise up, to wake up and to see the needs of the world and be of service. By the way, if you try to have this heart on your own, it will never work. Only Jesus can give you this kind of heart and this kind of desire.

I hope that you will make something happen, that you will see the hurt of your city or those around the world and it will occur to you that you can’t help it but to get out there and help, to be a part of change in the world, or most importantly, to show the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world, because that, my loves, will be the only way that this world can truly be changed; only through Christ alone.

I can’t wait to see all the things that God has in store for the both of you. Your lives are a sweet blessing and an incredible adventure and Uncle Brian and I are so incredibly blessed to be just a small part of it. As much as I would love to give you the world, there is only one thing that I wish for you both to have the most. Strangely enough, it is nothing that I can give you, but it is only through Jesus, the one that I hope you will come to know and love more than anyone in the world….even more than your Aunt Shelley.

I wish you Abundant Okiru.      

         I love you fiercely,

    Aunt Shelley…..and Uncle Brian too

Published by Shelley Olsen

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