Noise, Noise, Noise

12 It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God- Luke 6:12


          It’s 7:39 A.M on a rare Thursday morning. Our home health attendant isn’t coming, and Brian is still sleeping. I just finished preparing my coffee and it is quiet.  It’s a rare Thursday indeed.  Chaos normally ensues around 6:30 when we wake up and get ready for our attendant to come, our nurse to come and I take that time also to get ready for my daily hyperbolic treatment.  But as I am sipping my coffee, reading my Bible and writing this blog…….it’s quiet.

            I LOVE the quiet.

            I don’t know if Jesus loved quiet or not, given that he was always around people. I do know that He always seemed to know when it was time to get away and enjoy solitude and prayer to His Father. In Luke 6:12, we find Jesus needing to do that very thing. Jesus had just been dealing with the Pharisees regarding the Sabbath and the things that Jesus was doing during the Sabbath that was considered unlawful and made them very angry (again).  

            But Jesus knew that a big decision was coming, the time had come for Him to name his 12 disciples. Before He made this crucial decision, He went up to a mountain where it was nice and quiet, and He spent the whole night praying and spending time with His Father.

            No noise, no distractions, no Pharisees telling Him what He is doing wrong. It’s just Jesus in a time of rest and prayer.

            We all need that sometimes, don’t we?

             In the world we live in, we get so caught up in our lives and in our situations and things that just aren’t quite right that we forget that we, as Christians, need to take time out of our day….DAILY and spend time in rest and prayer with God.  I know that it is very hard for me to do that. I am so very guilty of allowing days, weeks and even sometimes months to go by without intentionally finding that time and space to be with God.

            Not finding time and space for God to show you things and for your relationship to develop deeper allows sin to sneak in and slowly turn you away from God. Now if you are a Christian, hear me clearly…you CANNOT lose your salvation (John 10:28). However, you can be out of fellowship with God…..and that is dangerous.

            Take time in your day to intentionally spend time with God. If that means waking up earlier, do it. If that means staying up later, do it. If that means saying no to some things, do it. As I am challenging you to do this, believe me, I am challenging myself as well. Allow this example that Jesus gave us to be an example of how we should live our lives daily. After all, Jesus is the greatest example of them all, isn’t He?

              It’s now 8:12 and it’s still quiet. I am not used to this.  I’m gonna go spend time with Dad while I have the chance. How about you?

              Don’t forget that He loves you and so do I,

                                 Shelley Olsen   

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