I'm Curious. I'm Christian. I'm a Woman. I am Caucasian. I'm almost 50. Do I have a Voice?

Bigotry, racism, gender discrimination, familial discrimination, I have experienced it all. You may have, too. I'm sorry for your pain. So I'm curious, what gave you the right to feel so entitled to tell me what is wrong with my  life choices? When I was in college, I met my sweetheart and got married. I started having children at 22 and never looked back. What makes you better than me? 

When I was 8 years old I demonstrated my devotion to God and the Savior by getting baptized and I've never changed that devotion. I read the scriptures almost daily, listen to uplifting music of all kinds daily, serve others in my home and community daily and find joy in things bigger than me. What makes you better than me?

I was born a female with a love for life and gifts that have propelled me to be asked to run a women's group of 150 women complete with a presidency at my church, a group of teen girls also with a presidency at my church, a children's group of 75 also with a presidency at my church, got my real estate license home study so that I could keep my focus on raising our 4 small children, run many celebratory events, study many topics on a continuum, run my own successful business and keep my family strong and productive. What makes you better than me?

You see, you may think that because I am who I am that I fit some kind of profile. Did these things come into your mind? "She is subservient." "She is uneducated." "She sold out." "She isn't fulfilled." "She is ignorant." "She has given up her choices." "She's a racist." How about, "What a worthless life!" 

Here's the deal. If any of these things have come up for you, I would be curious about your indoctrination levels. I might wonder if you have traveled the world. I might wonder if you have served anyone less fortunate than you on a regular basis. I might wonder if you have ever run your own business that fails. I might wonder if you have ever run your own business that succeeds. I might wonder if you have ever lived on your own or in more than one area/region. I might wonder if you have lost deeply. I might wonder if you have created life. I might wonder if you have ever considered the power and strength of forgiveness and love. I might wonder if you have every made a long term commitment. I might wonder what you are hiding with the huge wall around your heart.

You don't have to have done any one of those things to be of value. They are some of life's experiences that help us dig deep. I'm talking about the deep that takes us out of theory and put into practice the truths and lies we've taken in. When we have these kinds of experiences, we are exposed to ourselves first, and then to others. This life is different for each and every one of us. Every woman, every man lives a different childhood, young adulthood, middle age, and later years. Every woman and every man comes to their life with amazing strengths and difficult weaknesses. Who are you to make self righteous, proud judgements about anyone? As my mother so wisely would ask me, "Who do you think you are?"

Let me tell you who you are. You are not what others say you are. You are not. You are so much more than a definition in any human terms. You are. Own you. Be you. You are wasting time falling for the anger and fear that is so often a part of TV, gaming, movies, news and shows. Your life is not a game. You are not a player. You are a valuable person with something valuable to share. Your value, your voice is priceless. But when used in anger and hate, it's weak. Find that part of you that loves no matter what. Find that part of you where your voice is free and loving and powerful. 

I am a Christian woman, mother of 6, wife of one, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, friend, sister, aunt, grandmother. I am not a part of either major political party in my country and I have a voice. I have a voice because I say I have a voice. I have a voice that speaks to the one who needs what I have to offer. I have a voice of love without barriers. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you read this an let go of the shackles of shame and judgement and own your personal strengths with love, patience and devotion to things bigger than you. I invite you to rise and speak. Come alive-love and lift. 

Published by Sherrill Moody


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