Latest News about New Brunswick PNP & Immigration Norms

New Brunswick PNP

Latest News about New Brunswick PNP & Immigration Norms

May 3, 2021, 2:33:08 PM Life and Styles

Hailed for its natural splendour, excellent healthcare, and low crime rate, New Brunswick is ideal for immigrants. In the wake of Covid-19, the New Brunswick PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) has undergone several changes. The good news is that this maritime province (with one of the lowest Covid-19 cases) is committed to accepting immigrants. While many other countries have temporarily paused immigration during this pandemic, New Brunswick authorities readily accept suitable applications. Since the pandemic has hit the tourism sector and other industries hard, authorities are setting new immigration targets. These are aimed at reviving the economy and assisting New Brunswick employers in finding suitable candidates.


Upward Curve of New Brunswick Immigration

  • The federal government of New Brunswick has been targeting higher immigration numbers with each passing year. The New Brunswick PNP is specifically meant to provide a pathway to skilled candidates. The program has been tailor-made to address the economic and labour market needs.
  • Their aim is not just to fill suitable vacancies but also to bring down the median age of the ageing population. As per an official statement, the objective is to increase immigration with 10,000 new permanent residents per year.
  • The four main streams under the New Brunswick PNP are as follows:-
  • New Brunswick Express Entry
  • New Brunswick Skilled Worker
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneur
  • New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneur
  • Many tax incentives and infrastructural support is being extended to entrepreneurs who wish to invest in New Brunswick.
  • The PNP application is now conducted online to cut through unnecessary red tape and ensure immigrants find jobs quickly. This has been in practice since 2019.
  • A recent and significant change in the PNP eligibility requirements has concerned work experience. Of the two years of work experience required, nine months of New Brunswick work experience was mandatory. This has been reduced to 6 months now.

Permanent Residence through Skilled Worker Stream

  • Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the New Brunswick PNP norms didn’t accept international graduates with Federal Post Graduate Work Permit. However, as per the latest guidelines, if you are an international graduate working in New Brunswick, you can apply.
  • Please note that this is particularly meant for Skill Level-D under National Occupational Classification. This primarily constitutes lower-skilled jobs.
  • The application needs to be made as per the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream guidelines. It would help if you graduated from a designated post-secondary institution in New Brunswick. It would help if you also had a federal post-graduate work permit to apply for permanent residence.
  • Your eligibility score is computed based on several factors. These include your age, language competence, professional experience, educational qualifications, health status, and background verification factors.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is taken into consideration for assessing language proficiency. Both English and French are spoken in the province of New Brunswick. Therefore, the CLB scores of both languages are taken into account.
  • If you have had prior experience working in Manufacturing, Education, HealthCare, or Transportation, your chances of qualifying are higher.


New Immigration Pathway under New Brunswick PNP

  • Under New Brunswick PNP, a new immigration pathway has been created for hiring truck drivers. The application has to be routed via the Skilled Worker Stream.
  • This new immigration pathway was opened in October 2020 to cater to the transport industry requirements.
  • The eligibility requirements include a total of two years of work experience for transport truck drivers. A valid Class 1 New Brunswick Driving License is compulsory. At least six months of work experience in New Brunswick is required.



If you are keen to immigrate to New Brunswick, the latest changes in New Brunswick PNP provide the best opportunity. Provincial authorities are aiming at strengthening the skilled labour force and boosting the pandemic-hit economy. For those who have the qualifications and skills in demand in New Brunswick, the time is ripe to immigrate now.

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