Diabetic Shoes and Why You Need Them

Diabetic Shoes and Why You Need Them

Mar 2, 2021, 7:55:23 PM Life and Styles

People with diabetes can develop so many complications on other parts of their body. High blood sugar has a lot of detrimental effects to a person’s health and could affect almost every system in the body. One common problem that diabetic face is neuropathy.

It is a condition wherein a person loses feeling or sensation on certain parts of the body. One of the common sites of neuropathy is the feet. Once you have this condition, it would be hard to distinguish if you have injured your foot plus it will also take longer time than the usual to heal an area with poor circulation.

It is hard for diabetics when they get even just a small cut. Because of poor circulation, the cut heals longer and sometimes just get worse and complicated which could lead to amputation if not treated immediately. Diabetic neuropathy also causes foot deformity through time, making regular shoes uncomfortable to wear.

If you have diabetes and is starting to develop foot problems, a good pair of diabetic shoes is the one you need. There are actually 3 different types of diabetic shoes.

Healing shoes – This type should be worn when your foot is healing from foot surgery or even from minor injuries such as sores or cuts. You can choose between open or closed toe versions. However, open-toed footwear isn’t that recommended for diabetics unless ordered by a doctor.

In-depth shoes – Unlike regular footwear, in-depth shoes are deeper and has extra room for the feet. This space can be utilized when you’re using shoe inserts to make your footwear more comfortable to use. The extra space can also accommodate changes in the foot structure if deformities have developed.

Custom-made – This type of footwear is perfect for those who have a foot deformity and won’t fit in regular shoes. A mould will be taken from your foot and will serve as the basis of the shoe that will be made especially for you.

What to Look for When Buying Diabetic Shoes?

It is important to choose the right footwear when you have diabetes. For ladies, check out this selection of quality and comfortable diabetic shoes for women.

Check the material – Choose shoes made from lightweight materials such as canvas, leather or suede for maximum comfort, flexibility and breathability.

It should be shock-absorbent – You’ll need a shoe with good shock absorption when you’re diabetic to keep your feet safe from injuries. Find one that has a good sole to balance the pressure in your feet as you walk.

Look for solid backing – Your shoe should have a solid back to provide more support to your feet as a tandem to a shock absorbent sole.

Choose one with laces or snaps – Find shoes that have laces or snaps that allow you to tighten or loosen your footwear easily. It is really helpful in times when your foot is swelling and needs more room in your footwear.

Getting the right pair of shoes is important for people with diabetes. Start by switching one of your regular shoes into quality diabetic shoes and feel the difference. 

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