Tips To Getting Better Sleep

Tips To Getting Better Sleep

Mar 1, 2021, 7:43:54 PM Opinion

Good sleep is crucial for the body’s performance and overall wellbeing. Rested sleep ensures a better immune system, better mood, healthy digestive system and also mental health. A lot takes place internally while you sleep and is therefore why a good sleep of at least seven to eight hours is crucial.

While some are blessed with the ability to sleep the minute their heads touch the pillow, some are not that lucky. Insomnia and difficulty sleeping can be due to various reasons. Therefore here are tips that can help you get better sleep.

Comfort is key

A good mattress and a comfy bed are two vital factors to ensuring good sleep. An old, slouchy mattress can play a huge role in affecting how your body rests. It affects breathing that can result in snoring or back and neck pains. However investing in a new mattress can be quite costly.

This is where a mattress topper can help. This is a separate layer that can be placed over your mattress that provides comfort and firmness. This is the ideal solution to old, slouchy mattresses. When your body is allowed to rest ensuring the right posture it can cause an improvement in sleep.

Dial down on the screen time

Whether we choose to admit or not, screen time is a huge reason for unhealthy sleeping patterns. The light rays and signals given from our phones or televisions interrupt our brain waves causing insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

It is important to stay away from devices at least an hour prior to sleeping to enable proper sleep. Similarly it is advised not to start your day looking at a device, while this is difficult to do it as shown considerable improvement in lifestyle and health habits.

Stay away from coffee

Caffeine is the go to drink to pull those all nighters as it has chemicals that give out energy and reduce drowsiness. For frequent coffee drinkers this might not be very effective, but staying away from coffee when it’s closer to your bedtime can help falling asleep. Instead opt for herbal teas if you are really craving a nightcap.

Avoid day naps

If you are someone who craves a mid day siesta then you are in trouble. A daytime nap helps revive you sometimes causing sleeping at night a problem. As it alters Your internal body clock causing your body to shut down at the wrong times. Therefore avoid the power naps during the day and see if that change helps sleep at night.

Get exercise

A huge reason for insomnia is sometimes because even though our brains are tired at the end of the day, our bodies are not necessarily. Physically tiring your body helps sleeping as your body looks forward to being able to rest. Even if you are not working out at a gym, a walk or jog can help stimulate your body. This is also a healthy way to tire your body to ensure sleep.

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