A Brief Guide to Climb Aconcagua

A Brief Guide to Climb Aconcagua

Dec 28, 2018, 5:20:57 PM Life and Styles

If you are someone who wants to reach the peak of excitement, then you should consider mountain climbing because that is the ultimate challenge one can confront. And if you can beat it, then you can have a glimpse into that euphoric moment.

But then you cannot just try to conquer the great Himalayan at the first go because that would be ultimately fatal and risky. That means you have to start from a relatively easier target like climbing Aconcagua.

This one of the easiest mountain ranges that amateurs and experts prefer to climb before they could climb bigger mountains.

If you want to explore Aconcagua, then you should understand what all it entails. Let’s have a serious look at the important aspects of Aconcagua expedition.

Key considerations for Aconcagua expedition:

The first thing that you need to do is to find out about the right time for expedition because at times, bad weather can play tricks resulting in severe accidents. Hence, you must find out the right climbing time.

After finding out the time, now, you must look at your fitness level because without physical fitness it would be difficult to climb.

The next thing that you need to do is to find out about the routes because there are two different routes here in Aconcagua. Either you can take the Normal route or the Polish traverse route. You need to keep in mind that both the routes throw different challenges.

So,how to climb Aconcagua? So,how to climb Aconcagua?If this is the question, then here is what you should do. In fact, you should find an expedition tour provider that can help you in climbing the mountain.

What to expect from the expedition tour provider?

The first thing that tour provider should give you is the training and that should include strength training and acclimatization training. Since the weather is unpredictable you must learn to cope with the challenging weather conditions undoubtedly, a good tour provider will have the best training program.
In addition, the training provider should and must be able to give you the right kind of gears and equipment for climbing. They should also give you knowledge about routes so that you can choose the right route. 

Finally, they should have the right kind of emergency and quick response team to help you in dire situations because things in this kind of expeditions are more likely to go wrong. However, with a service provider that has a good track record, you are less likely to encounter any problem.
Therefore, it is important that you look at the success rate, the number of expeditions that they have completed and the number of accidents that they have witnessed. By looking at these stats, you can easily gauge their service quality.

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If you want to explore Aconcagua, then you must prepare yourself physically and mentally because you need to gain toughness on both the fronts. And a good expedition tour provider can make things perfect for you. All you need to do is the find the right tour provider and get going.


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