A Quick Yet Thoughtful Note on Different Phases of Clinical Trials

A Quick Yet Thoughtful Note on Different Phases of Clinical Trials

Jan 18, 2019, 7:04:28 PM Life and Styles

While the purpose of clinical trials has been intact for years, the way trials are commenced have changed a lot. The changes coming are, in fact, in correspondence to improved trial conducting processes to more accurate results.  Clinical research trials that are conducted today are done more systematically in a methodological manner to maximize research operating process with minimal investment of time, money, and resources.

Old and Modern Clinical Trials

Clinical research is conducted through different phases these days and if you give them a count exactly in numbers, they are four in numbers. The phase 3 trial is predominantly the trial that used to be commenced years ago in old time. It was just meant to evaluate a large group of people to find whether a particular treatment works better to cure the mental, physical or psychological disorder. Now different phases have been integrated to instigate the research process in an effective manner. Clinical investigators (those who conduct clinical trials) conduct clinical trials step by step at a well-equipped medical research facility. Changes that have come to trials and clinical research processes are good and result-oriented. 

Take yourself for instance, if you are a clinical investigator at a medical facility or pharmaceutical laboratory in Los Angeles, and, there is any clinical trial on board, make sure that you are known of these important phases of clinical trials. Apart from all, also ensure that you have a well-facilitated research clinic in Los Angeles where you can make a good job of all phases of clinical trials to get accurate results. 

Different Phases of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials start from zero that is done on and among people in an aim to study how a drug gets processed in the body and how it marks effect in the body. These trials are the simplest of all trial phases and may or may not require a medical research clinic. However, trial experts recommend commencing all clinical trials including Phase 0 at a research site for a faster clinical trial process and more accurate results.


Phase I trials intend to find the best possible dose of a drug that is being planned to introduce in the market. The drug is usually tested on a small group of people – not more than 15 to 30. Trial starts from a low dose of a drug to higher does later to see the result or if there is any side effect of the given drug or medication. A clinical investigator in Los Angeles must make sure that the phase 2 clinical trial is commenced only at an appropriate site for Clinical research in Los Angeles seeing pertaining risks.

Phase II trials are further done to evaluate the safety and to ensure if a drug works to treat a particular ailment. Phase II trials are conducted on larger groups. If a drug or medication pass the phase II trial, it is brought under deep assessment through phase III clinical trial. It is done on a large group and with the computer-based mechanism. The drug that has already been approved by FDA is further tested through the fourth phase of a clinical trial to ensure the efficacy of a particular drug.

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